Nike Air Max 180 BLN


26 Mar 2019

Nike Sets Berlin Nightlife on Fire with New Air Max 180 BLN

If you call yourself a sneakerhead March 26th should ring a bell. It’s Nike Air Max Day and as usual, Nike celebrates this with some limited edition collaborations to glorify their golden model. This year, the brand pays homage to Berlin’s electrifying culture and clubs with the Air Max 180 BLN. Therefore, a pop-up store will open its doors today in the center of the city to launch the exclusive sneaker in collaboration with Solebox. With a crack the code map, die-hard fans were led to the secret location.

Nike has yet again showed us the sneaker world is built on heavy games. For the launch of their Air Max Day 2019 Air Max 180 BLN, sneakerheads had to crack a code to a secret location in what may be one of the coolest European cities around. From March 24th, a digital rally was held with a question to be answered every hour. This rally would lead you to the secret location of the new pop-up store in Berlin. A digital journey which offers the ultimate price: the flashy pink and neon yellow Air Max 180 BLN which costs 150 euros.

Nike Air Max 180 BLN
Nike Air Max 180 BLN

Clublife on Nike’s

Berlin is probably the wildest European city at the moment. After the fall of the Berlin wall, musicians, artists and designers came together to slowly turn the ruins of the second World War into a cultural walhalla. From that point on, some of the best clubs of Europe opened their doors and the electronic music scene boomed. This Air Max 180 is a celebration of that nightlife culture. Although Berlin usually has an all black dress code in clubs, Nike decided to make a sneaker in a bright colorway to resemble to nightlife more. The gray – whitish tones and the model of the shoe make you think of Berlin’s brutal architecture. The side of the sneakers serve the words ‘Unity’ and ‘Freedom’, which indicate the power of music. Music brings people together while being themselves. A perfect comparison with what the brand itself does.

Nike Air Max 180 BLN
Nike Air Max 180 BLN

Photo credits: Nike

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