Nō Skincare vegan


6 Dec

No Nonsense Skincare: The Beauty of Nō

You are what you cream! It might not be the original quote, but there’s an important truth in this saying. In order to look good, most of us think about make-up first while it’s actually the base that needs to be taken care of. Our skin is like a sponge and absorbs more than you think. When you’re 21 or even 30 this might not yet be a concern, but you’ll thank us later.

The past decades a lot of beauty you bought probably contained parabens and other chemicals, perfumes and coloring agents. That’s what the market had to offer and you simply believed what advertisers told you to use. Well, that’s all changing. Natural and vegan beauty products are on the rise. One of our favorites at the moment is Nō Skincare, a 100% natural, all vegan beauty brand.

The Beauty of Nō

Nō stands for no-fakery and no-nonsense. All their products are 100% natural and prepared in small amounts in the brand’s skin care laboratory in Antwerp. The ingredients they use come from around the world and are delivered by the best suppliers. There’s rosehip from France, jojoba from Acapulco and Moroccan Argan oil. On top of that, the brand also cares about the environment and decided not to use plastic nor boxes to wrap its products. Now, that’s how the future of skincare looks like.

Nō Skincare vegan
Nō Skincare vegan
Nō Skincare vegan
Nō Skincare vegan

Looking for an original Christmas gift? You can shop all Nō Skincare products via their webshop.

Photo credits: Nō Skincare

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