Claudia Crovato

10 Apr

You need to hear Odie’s impressive debut album ‘Analogue’

Odie finally released his long-awaited debut album Analogue and IT IS FIRE. The genre-blending rapper first made his Enfnts Terribles entrée with his catchy, up-tempo single “Faith”. We’ve been longing for more ever since so we’re thrilled to be discussing his brand new project with you today.


Let us start off by saying Odie’s Analogue might be one of the best album releases we’ve heard in 2018 so far. It’s vibrant, charismatic and makes us wonder how people still haven’t heard of him. His sound floats somewhere in between hip-hop, R&B and afrobeats which really sets him apart from peers. We love to see a young artist approach urban music from a whole new angle. If you’re on the hunt for something refreshing, search no more.

Odie has a song for every mood

The album counts 10 tracks in total and has a song for every mood. “North Face”, a sweet love ballad about daydreaming and doing nothing at all, is the perfect tune for a relaxing springtime Sunday. The track received a co-sign from OVO Sound Radio, another proof of how the rapper is making moves in the industry.  On “Noise” he declares his love for music, singing “music saved my life, music made my life” – well Odie, your album might have saved ours – or at least this week’s playlist.


From start to finish you can just feel Odie’s positive energy going on. He knows what he’s doing and which direction he wants to go. In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, he said: “I already know the name and sound of what my next project is going to be and it’s going to be different. I want to surprise people every time they hear my music.”

For us, it feels like new stuff from Odie can’t come soon enough.
Stream his new album below and let us know your thoughts on the album.


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