Claudia Crovato

21 Feb

Odie Delivers Suave Afrobeats with New Single Faith

Odie’s latest single, Faith, is the only track that should be banging through your speakers right now. Earlier on,   in this article  we talked about how we love artists paying homage to their roots through their music well, Odie surely managed to do so damn well  in this one.


Before moving to the Bay Area, the Canadian rapper was raised in Toronto by his Nigerian parents. For the last two years the rapper has been dropping a few loose tracks here and there. Even though he hasn’t released a full EP yet, the rapper was able to connect a decent following on his soundcloud page.

Versatility game strong

If you’d ask us what we love the most about Odie, it would definitely be the way he keeps on playing around with a lot of different styles. You can’t really categorize his music. Even though the vocals sometimes remind us of rapper Kid Cudi, Odie surely stands out by experimenting with all these different genres. Just when you thought you’ve gotten to know him, he’ll release a new song with a surprisingly different sound, totally blowing your mind away. With the drop of his brand new song Faith, the vibes are rather vibrant and energetic  – a huge contrast compared to his previous song, Little Lies: a much more mellow, smooth R&B track.


Can we just start by saying how much we’re digging that little Nigerian accent going on in Faith? And then the beat… 1 minute into this  drum-heavy song and we bet you’ll be shaking your ass off! As much as we love Odie’s slow R&B songs, we have to admit, this uptempo vibe suits him even better. For now this track remains our favorite alongside My Own, a feel-good song which dropped 2 years ago.

We don’t know about you, but our team can’t wait for him to release a full EP. In the meantime we invite you to “aye-aye” along with us.

Photo credits: www.fashionably-early.com


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