Maxim Meyer-Horn

6 Jan 2021

On Our Radar 2021: France’s New Pop-R&B Princess Joanna

The only thing we’re sure about during these insecure times is that there’s a lot of new talent that will captivate us in the new year. We selected eight upcoming acts that will set the tone in 2021 with their music and invited them to La Nouvelle Maison, an iconic monument just outside of Brussels, for a photo shoot. Kicking off our brand new editorial series: Joanna.

Joanna is the new French Pop-R&B sensation everyone is waiting for and came all the way from Paris to visit us. The past year marked the start of a new era in her career with her becoming even more confident and releasing the brilliant “Démons”. The accompanying music video is a breathtaking visual interpretation of the song and underlines the darkness of the lyrics.

Strong Women

“I love to play roles in my clips and adored to portray this strong woman in the music video. I don’t think she’s necessarily a femme fatale, but more a lost woman trying to escape a toxic relationship”, she says about the visuals of “Démons”. While the song and music video are rather dark, there are brighter days ahead. “I don’t think I’ll continue too long on this dark road, but it’s just the mood I’m in now, and I want to express that.”

After a great year, Joanna is ready to unveil what she’s been working so hard on. With sparks in her eyes, she tells us, “The album is finished and is centered around a concept I’m not revealing yet.” Joanna is without any doubt a ‘Pioneer of Tomorrow’.

To get to know Joanna even better, she filled in our little slam book and gave us some insight into who she is as an artist.

When someone asks me who I am, I reply:

My name is Joanna. I’m a songwriter, composer, singer, and director.

Describe your music in a few words:

My music is very hybrid, it’s a mix of different genres. It’s always evolving, but for the moment, I’m making futuristic, electronic R&B.

Last release of 2020:

“Démons” with Laylow.

First release of 2021:

I’m releasing a very sensual, languorous, and sexy song.

Be underrated or become overrated:

I prefer to be underrated, but above all try to surprise people instead of disappointing them. I prefer that people say: “But for real, she’s super strong,” instead of “It’s not that good and I don’t know why everyone hypes it up so much.”

I don’t want to come across as arrogant because I want everyone to realize that we’re all equal and that “fame” is just an illusion that’s stimulated harder than ever before thanks to Instagram. The only thing I’m really sure about is that I don’t understand why anyone would overrate themselves?

Artists that inspire me:

There are so many artists who inspire me but Sade, FKA Twigs, Rema, and Nathy Peluso are my favorites at the moment. I also listen a lot to Sevdaliza’s mix on NTS Radio, which inspires me to listen and discover the music my favorite artists listen to.

People often compare me to:

I’m not really sure if people really compare me to someone. I think comparing can be very dangerous. I personally think that people spend too much time comparing women to one other, discrediting and insulting them. No one listens to you when you’re a woman because you’re either beautiful or defend something that’s considered taboo. People just need to compare artists with each other because they have difficulties accepting something new, and they can’t see the uniqueness, and multiplicity of things, especially when it comes to women.

Music video or live show:

live show



What I want to learn in 2021:

I want to learn how I can express myself better in English, how I can manage an album tour, how I can move on stage. I also want to relearn how to not spend too much time on my phone and social media, and how to live again after this year.

Who I hope to meet in 2021:

I really hope I can meet a lot of people, artists, poets, directors, writers, creators, actors, actresses, my future self, my fans, and love.

My personal goal for 2021:

To have my own apartment and create my own personal space. I want to build this environment where I feel good and safe and where I can flee to when I need to.

Another artist to watch in 2021:

The group PRIA! These girls released the EP Toujours at the end of this year and are incredible, passionate, super-intelligent, feminist, and versatile. I love what they do in their visuals and music. Another artist to keep an eye on is Carmen. She writes, composes and sings, and embodies a sincere artist.

What people can expect from me in 2021:

Expect an intense experience when you listen to my music.

2021 will be my year because:

Hard work pays off! I have a lot of things to say and a lot of love to give. I worked so damn hard, 2021 really is the year where you’ll get to know me.

What advice do you want to give yourself for the next year:

Have confidence but don’t be delusional and have confidence even when I’m with other people. Listen to myself more, stay humble and in my bubble, and don’t concern myself too much with what the music industry will tell me.

Styling credits:
Reflective Flame Shirt: LĒO
Nylon Body: Noel Verheyden
Black Knit Trousers: MICHI’M

Photography by Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle
Production by ENFNTS TERRIBLES Studio, Maxim Meyer-Horn, Dries Vriesacker
Interview by Maxim Meyer-Horn
Styling by Marie Van Puyenbroeck
Makeup by Lora Van Pee
Hair by Catia Nulens
Production assistant by Isa De Boeck

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