Maxim Meyer-Horn

12 Nov

On Our Radar: Abrahamblue Relaunches His Career

It’s already been five years since Antwerp-based singer and musician Abrahamblue emerged, however, he didn’t seem to be in any rush. After gaining a lot of support on the music platform SoundCloud, everyone predicted a big breakthrough and an international career. But, a radio silence of a couple of years made everyone wonder if he disappeared. Luckily, Abrahamblue is finally relaunching himself.

Growing up in Antwerp wasn’t always easy for Abrahamblue. His Palestinian-Syrian parents immigrated to Belgium when he was a young child and that also reflects in his debut single “Hoops”, where he sings, “Antwerp is the city where I don’t think I belong.” The song was an important step for the musician since it was the first song he uncovered after years of working and looking for his sound.

La La Land

When his demos on SoundCloud gained attention, he was co-signed by Soulection and invited to Los Angeles to work with some big producers. Talking about the experience, he says, “It gave me a taste of how life could be when you have money, and it still motivates me until this day.” Los Angeles is an assembly point for many aspiring talents and helped Abrahamblue discover what kind of artist he wanted to be.

Fast forward to 2020, the year where he finally unveils his musical soul in a project. On his debut EP Tracks I Made Last Summer, we hear a grown artist with huge potential. “I love to make happy music, but there’s also a darker side of me on the project,” he explains.


His songs might be in English, but he gets a lot of inspiration from slightly exotic music where instruments are the key. “I listen a lot to Brazilian music and love Afro music from the seventies,” he says and adds, “It would feel strange to make music I wouldn’t listen to myself.” Tracks That I Made Last Summer indeed has warm and enchanting melodies that set him apart from all the other artists and gives you the feeling that you’re traveling the world.

His EP has been out for a couple of weeks now, but the genre-breaking singer-songwriter already has plans for the future. “My main goal is to release more music, whether it’s an EP, single, or mixtape, and I’m also working on my live set-up.” It’s clear, we haven’t heard the last of him, and that’s amazing news!

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