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19 Jan

On Our Radar: Anna Shoemaker Will Set Your Heart on Fire With Her Upcoming Debut Album

Are you still sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? We are because we want to introduce even more exciting acts in our beloved ‘On Our Radar’ series, where we put upcoming artists in the spotlight. Our next act on the top of our playlist is the Brooklyn-based Anna Shoemaker. The singer has been compared to acts like Olivia Rodrigo and will be releasing her debut album ‘Everything Is Fine (I’m On Fire)’ on March 2nd. Ahead of the album release and in celebration of her brand-new song “Everything Is Fine”, we had a cute little chat with her to talk about the upcoming months. One thing is clear: she’s going to set everything on fire with her enthusiasm and great music.

We already know who you are, but how would you introduce yourself to someone who isn’t familiar with who you are?

I’m a singer/songwriter originally from Philadelphia and now living in Brooklyn. I’m an East Coast bitch xoxo <3!!

Is the artist Anna Shoemaker very different from who you are in real life?

My artist person is very much just an extension of who I am as a person—she’s just a bit braver than I am IRL.

2021 is over. How would you summarize these past twelve months for you? 

2021 was very interesting! I put together and finished my album, I fell in love, I got COVID, I played shows, I had shows canceled, I stopped smoking weed, and I got a cat. It’s weird, the past two years have felt so eventful yet, at the same time, I feel like all I do is sit in my bed and drink coffee. It’s all very confusing.

What have you learned or discovered about yourself last year?

I’ve learned to trust myself and to trust my vision. Personally, as a woman in music, I find I have a harder time speaking up for myself than my male counterparts. I find myself sending a lot of exclamation points in emails as well as unnecessarily thanking and apologizing, BUT I’M WORKING ON CHANGING THAT! I’ve also learned Depop is a store that doesn’t ever close, even at two AM when you’re wine drunk and can’t sleep.

Your first album will see the light of day in a couple of weeks. What’s the general theme of Everything Is Fine (I’m On Fire)?

This album is my fantasy world. It’s my diary. It’s all my dream and nightmare scenarios laid out and talked through. It’s the past two or so years tied up into a nice little fucked-up package.

How was it to work on your debut album? Was it easier or more difficult than expected?

When I decided to put out an album, I had most of it written already, so it actually came together pretty easily. I’m sure this won’t always be the case, though!

What is your main plan for 2022?

Release my album, go on tour, and work on new music with my friends.

What’s the new single and title track “Everything is Fine” about?

I wrote “Everything is Fine” with my friend Richie Quake. I’d had a really truly horrible week, and I think he could sense I was just at my wits’ end with everything. We kind of wrote the song as a joke/a writing exercise type thing, but I ended up really loving it. I’ve found that my best work comes from a combination of working with people I love and not taking things too seriously.

How would you describe the general mood of the visuals for this project?

It’s THE Anna Shoemaker mood, BABY!

Anna Shoemaker released her new single “Everything Is Fine” last Wednesday. Her debut album will be out on March 2nd.

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