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27 Sep

On Our Radar: Ayoni Shares Her Stunning Visions on Her New EP

Since Rihanna, the unofficial queen of Barbados, has yet to release any new music, we went in search of a worthy singer from her home country to satisfy our needs. We ended up with Ayoni, who shared her EP ‘The Vision’ with the world a few weeks ago. On it, we hear how she uses her remarkable voice to tell us her stories. In our interview, she gives a bit more context about the project and everything that inspired ‘The Vision’.

How would you introduce yourself to someone who isn’t familiar with you and your music?

I would describe my music as raw, layered, and ever-evolving.

You just released your new EP. What’s the main vision behind the project?

The Vision was solely focused on my sonic evolution even before my personal breakthroughs. I refer to this project as a manifestation project because I was continuously concerned with the future. I think my infatuation with futurism bled through beyond sonics into styling, visual identity, and the final result.

How would you describe the process of creating the EP?

It was a bit of a fever dream. I produced it through my graduation from college, and I definitely needed a place to pour all my emotions around change and stepping into adulthood while still riding the curves of youth. A lot of the messages in these songs are still revealing themselves to me and helping me through an incredibly fluid moment in time.

You use music to tell your stories. Which events have inspired you to start writing music?

So many. Love and the evolution of how it manifests in my life were themes I explored on this EP, as well as grief and loneliness on other tracks. I use music as a diary. It’s my place to be honest with myself, so when I sit down to write, wherever I’m at emotionally becomes the colors I paint my stories with.

Do you find it easy to share your personal stories with the world or is it something you still need to get used to?

It feeds me as much as it takes. It’s never easy baring my heart and soul on records that will outlive me, but it also feels right to know that I’m freezing moments in time forever. I try to be really responsible in my vulnerability, but I’m learning not to silence myself for others’ comfort as well. I usually write in a way that protects my privacy, so I don’t think it will ever be too much.

What is your favorite song you’ve ever written?

As of lately, “What to a sinner is holy”.

The live aspect is very important to your music too. What do you want to add to these live sessions?

I like to add groundedness and resonance. Any soulful articulation of the record that shows it in a new light and makes a more lasting mark.

What do people need to know before listening to The Vision?

This is where I’ve been since Iridescent. I always ask people to just be open-minded when they play my music. So many times people get so caught up in trying to diagnose what they think I should be doing or how they think my music would best be ‘marketable’ that they lose the entire point of what music is about. Just sit down, get comfortable, and lean into the experience. Everything else is just noise to me.

What do you want to achieve with this project?

I really want this project to open doors, to bring opportunities to me that I couldn’t have dreamed for myself. I hope people hear it and want to collaborate with me.

If you could envision yourself somewhere in the near future, where would you be, and what would you do?

I’d like to be sitting in a new city that my music brought me to, reflecting on this journey so far and preparing for a new musical experience.

Pictures by Caleb Griffin

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