Nelke Roose

19 Oct 2020

On Our Radar: Chloë Black Lets You Choose the Ending of Her Single

Listen up because you should know about the emerging Australian pop star Chloë Black. With her dreamy sound, she reminds us a bit of Lana Del Rey, but Chloë surprises with French rapping verses and a whole lot of attitude. She releases, directs and edits her own videos, which makes the visual of her newest single “Sacrifice” a must-watch, especially because it’s interactive.

Artist of the world

The Australian singer-songwriter Chloë Black is what we’d call an artist of the world. Growing up in Paris gave her that sexy French flair and allowed her to include smooth French rap and lyrics in her music.

Yet, she takes it even further because ever since the lockdown, Chloë has been posting IGTV videos on Instagram of her singing in different languages, to honor a different country each week. Among the lucky countries are Japan, Greece, and South Africa. Her goal? Creating a feeling of togetherness.


Chloë looks like she stepped out of a vintage Hollywood movie, with perfect white-blonde hair and doll-like lips. But don’t let her sweet looks fool you: she uses these outdated beauty ideals to hold up a mirror to society and disregard all the so-called “should-be”s.

Her feminism appears in her music too because Chloë Black will fight for what she believes in. And when she’s describing herself, the first thing that comes to mind is “a rebel”.

Choose the ending

At the end of August, Chloë released her single “Sacrifice”, a song about her resilience and pride. Together with the refreshing sound, she released a self-directed video that transports you to a surreal world where Chloë is being chased and captured by, as she describes him herself, a patriarchal cowboy. Luckily, in the end, there’s a chance for revenge. And that’s where we come in: when watching the video on YouTube, you get to choose which video comes next and which weapon Chloë uses in the final fight.

Together with some of our favorite artists like Dua Lipa and Glass Animals, “Sacrifice” is featured on FIFA21’s soundtrack, the upcoming football video game by Electronic Arts. A move like that puts Chloë Black more on the musical map, so keep an eye out for her because we expect to hear a lot more of her!

Photos by Savannah Ruedy.

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