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18 Jun

On Our Radar: Keiynan Lonsdale Is the LGBTQ+ Icon You Need

You know how they say you should surround yourself with positive people? Well, we think it should include the artists you follow as well! Keiynan Lonsdale is the epitome of sunshine and rainbows. Appropriately, his debut album is called ‘Rainbow Boy’ and gives off those same vibrant vibes. This Australian actor, singer, and dancer is the black LGBTQ+ icon the world needs right now and is definitely on our radar!

Where it all started

Keiynan was born on December 19, 1991, to a Nigerian father of Edo descent and an Australian mother of Irish and Danish descent. In total, he has eleven (!) siblings, with him being the youngest.

Although he’s only just really making a breakthrough as a singer, he is already well-known in the acting world. In 2007, he got his first acting job with a dancing part in the film Razzle Dazzle: A Journey into Dance and became a recurring cast member of the Australian teen drama Dance Academy in 2012. But most people know him from his role as superhero Kid Flash in the CW’s hit series The Flash and as Bram in Love, Simon. According to him, the movie helped him come to terms with his own sexuality.

He’s a person after our own hearts because he is also involved in fashion! He has made his Paris Fashion Week runway debut in 2019 with Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection. He also walked the Met Gala pink carpet in a Manish Arora gown covered in over a thousand handmade, embroidered butterflies. He really said fuck toxic masculinity.

Preaching diversity

He has not only played a superhero, he basically is a real-life LGBTQ+ hero as well. Just by scrolling through Keiynan’s Instagram, your brain is filled with enough positivity to last an entire day. His main goal is to preach diversity and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. That has all got to do with the amount of love he exudes, not only for his fans but also for himself. You can expect the usual shirtless pics when he’s feeling himself, which we honestly don’t mind for one bit.

Keiynan doesn’t like to label his sexuality but came out in 2017, saying he’s attracted to people regardless of gender. The singer also says fuck you to typical gender roles and parades around with rainbow hair and princess dresses. As soon as he walks into the room, he brings along his metaphorical spotlight.

Rainbow Boy

With his new album, Keiynan shows the world he’s a triple threat. Rainbow Boy pushes the boundaries of pop music, with hints of ’90s R&B rap and obvious nods to Prince. The album consists of a perfect flow of chill tracks to listen to on a Sunday morning to more upbeat songs that make you want to dance around in your underwear while being drunk on cheap rosé.

One of our favorite tracks has to be “Gay Street Fighter”, which almost gives us The Lonely Island vibes. Although touching on some heavy subjects, it features hilarious lyrics like “Everybody’s just a little bit gay. Your mother? She gay. If you look in the mirror, baby, you gay too, bitch.” We can already imagine him performing a comedy rap song on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Celebration and freedom

On his Instagram, he says, “I always knew as a child, but had to rediscover as an adult, that it is my life’s work to fight for freedom and be a messenger of love.” He says he has worked on Rainbow Boy for years and asks his fans to listen with care, “These are the human experiences of those systematically designed to not be heard or understood.”

Rainbow Boy truly is a place of celebration and being free to be whoever you want to be. Because of all of this, Keiynan has definitely earned a spot on our radar. Go check him out now, because you’re gonna wish you discovered him sooner.

Keiynan Lonsdale’s debut album ‘Rainbow Boy’ is out now.

All pictures are taken from Keiynan Londale’s Instagram.

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