Nelke Roose

25 Sep 2020

On Our Radar: Raissa Is the HEROGIRL To Save Your Day

Put your seatbelt on because you’re in for a fun ride. We recently discovered rising London star Raissa, and we are living for her music. This September, Raissa released “Go Fast Baby”, the first single of her debut EP ‘HEROGIRL’ and that song makes us want to dance like no one’s watching. So, of course, she’s on our radar!

From the Universe and Beyond

The 23-year-old singer Raissa was born in Spain: her dad is Franco-Algerian and her mom is Spanish. In her Facebook bio, she describes herself as a pop artist from the universe and beyond. And that may not be so farfetched because as a child, Raissa saw a lot of the world, living in Beijing, Sydney, and Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

Raissa grew up in a multilingual household, listening to a whole lot of different genres of pop. If a movie was made about her life, the soundtrack of her childhood would be Latin American, North African, British, and American pop music. Music always inspired her and ever since the age of ten, Raissa started writing her own songs. At fourteen, you could find her playing around with Garageband plugins, becoming a self-taught producer.


Today, Raissa is based in London, where she writes brutally honest lyrics, produces music, and directs her unique music videos. And after almost ten years practicing and refining her music, Raissa is getting ready to step into the world with her debut EP, HEROGIRL

HEROGIRL is about overcoming negative forces, being brave and adventurous like a hero, and not feeling stupid for having a lot of big feelings. Raissa only just released the first single of her EP, called “Go Fast Baby”. First impressions? Wow. This dancey song is about how free you feel when you move through life at a high speed with people you love. And listening to the song makes you feel free as well and gets you in the mood for a good party. The lyrics prove that Raissa isn’t your cute girl next door: “Give me all your fucks, make me what you’re angry at.” Blast this single in your room and you’ll instantly feel like a badass. (But please think about your ears, though, and don’t set your music too loud!)

Young and Free

The music video for “Go Fast Baby” is something that we haven’t seen in a while. A lot is happening, that’s for sure. There are heroic illustrations mixed with reality. This style of mixed videos is so like her, it’s very unique and recognizable. In “Go Fast Baby” Raissa is the hero who comes to face the bad guys. And as she sings it herself, she’s feeling like a winner, baby.

For Raissa, pop music is super liberating, and so she doesn’t want her work to be cynical, she wants it to exude hope and courage. And isn’t that exactly what we all need during these crazy times? Her songs make you feel what it means to be young and free. We all deserve to feel like a hero, who’s on top of the world. That’s why we are keeping an eye out for her!

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