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25 Oct

On Our Radar: Venbee Is Making Her Way to the Top of the Charts

Scoring a hit with your debut single is not easy, but Britain’s Venbee succeeded. Her single “low down” reached the mark of 20 million streams, and its follow-up “messy in heaven” is currently conquering the UK singles charts with a fourteenth place. The 21-year-old singer may only have two songs out, but it already looks like she could become the new artist to watch in 2023. So it is only natural that we introduce her today in our ‘On Our Radar‘ series, where we introduce the most exciting emerging talent.

You’ve debuted this year and already made it to the top 20 of the UK charts. How are you processing this significant achievement this early in your career?

I’m overwhelmed but excited for what’s to come. Top 20 is mad! I’m trying to keep things as ‘normal’ as I can so that I can have a steady mind. It’s a bit scary how quickly my life has changed, but I couldn’t be more grateful and honored to have this opportunity.

Your debut single “low down” has already reached over 20 million streams. Did the meaning of the song change since you’ve gotten so many reactions from people?

No. The meanings of my songs never change from my perspective. But obviously, other people find their own meanings in my music. That’s what’s so great about music; it holds meaning in so many ways with other people.

You grew up in Kent. How did your hometown affect the music you’re making?

I’m really inspired by my hometown. Where I come from people struggle and need to be heard. I am using my music to help be a voice. Aside from my lyrics, the DNB influence is a genre that I listen to for fun, and somehow it’s become a part of my sound.

Which artists have shaped you into the artist you are now?

Billie Eilish, Lola Young, and Carroll King. Honestly, there are so many more; I just love music!

Your sound can generally be described as dark pop with influences from drum and bass. How did your journey toward this sound go?

It just happened. I love DNB, and I was experimenting with different sounds, and then we made “low down”. It’s not quite full-on DNB, but it’s definitely influenced heavily by that genre.

“Messy In Heaven” is a very cheeky blasphemous song. What inspired you to write this song?

I had a dream that Jesus was having some fun on Chatham High Street, and the next day in the studio told my producer and writer friend about it, which sparked this idea. But the meaning behind the lyrics is a lot deeper. It’s about a friend that went down a difficult road in life. The message behind the song is a reminder that even the best people can go down a dark route. Sometimes people give more than they can afford, and it wears them thin. The song isn’t religious at all; it’s simply my way of storytelling.

What kind of setting inspires you the most to write a good song?

It doesn’t matter. It can be anywhere… mostly in my bedroom, to be honest. Solidarity is my friend when I’m writing songs.

You seem to have an obsession with bucket hats. How would you describe your fashion style?

I don’t have one; bucket hats are my only fashion style. My friends are still having a go at me to get new shoes! (laughs)

You’re currently spending a lot of time in the studio. Can you give us a little preview of the new music you’re working on?

Check out my TikTok for the tea.

Are you currently working towards a first project?


What are your goals for 2023?

I’d love to be nominated for a Brit Award in 2023. But that is highly unrealistic, so I am just going to focus on continuing my journey. But a Brit Award would be nice; just putting it out there. I’m also excited to play some more shows and hopefully tour. (wink wink)

Pictures by Caitlin Ricaud

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