12 Jul
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You Need to Watch This Online TV Show About Streetwear called ‘PAQ’

“People who love cars have shows like Top Gear, people who love football have shows like Match Of The Day… but there’s nothing out there right now for the millions of young people who are mad about streetwear and its surrounding culture,” said Danny Lomas (19), who is one of the founders of PAQ.

PAQ is the new online TV show that you’ve all been waiting for. The show is centering around all things streetwear. But you don’t need to be an obsessive sneakerhead or Supreme collector to be able to enjoy the show. PAQ features four friends, Danny Lomas (19), Dexter Black (20), Shaquille Keith (21) and Elias Riadi (19), aiming to change the conversation regarding youth fashion, style and the culture that surrounds it.

Being interested in fashion, clothes and style is still seen by some as narcissistic or egotistical. But that really isn’t the case,” says Riadi. “The streetwear scene is evolving and there’s a real sense of community and passion which you won’t find anywhere else.

Full episodes of PAQ are available to watch today via the KYRA YouTube channel, as you can expect new episodes to arrive every seven to 10 days. Watch the trailer for the series on top of this article and have a look at one of our favorite episodes so far down below.

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