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20 Mar

Our 10 Favorite Discoveries Of The Week

Here comes our favorite time of the week, when we sit down and listen to the absolute gems that were released in the past seven days. For this week’s edition, we decided to shed our light even more on upcoming artists or highly underrated acts that deserve your validation. As usual, you’ll find them all in our amazing Spotify playlist, so make sure to give it a follow if you haven’t already.

1. Nasty Cherry – Her Body

It’s criminal how radio stations and music lovers keep ignoring the brilliance behind Nasty Cherry. Founded by Charli XCX, the four-piece introduced themselves as the best band in the world and starred in their own Netflix series.

We can’t explain why Nasty Cherry isn’t getting the recognition they deserve because “Her Body” is another brilliant song with a sexy twist. It’s so well-made and builds up to a beautiful and subtle climax. Nasty Cherry is our dearest pop culture band and that’s on periodt.

2. Charles – He Knows

Charles will probably never stop to amaze us. This week, the Belgian pop sensation has invited us into her singular universe with the striking “He Knows”, a track that beautifully emphasizes the painful feeling of losing someone you love.

The song is simple, which makes it even more powerful: the melodic piano line is covered with the subtle yet emotional vocals of the artist, leaving enough space for the lyrics to fully come alive. The rawness that characterizes the track is also conveyed throughout the accompanying music video, portraying Charles, alone, with her piano in a beautiful forest. Here’s some food for thought.

3. George Riley – Cleanse Me

It’s about time we shed some light on George Riley. Based in London, the singer vacillates between soulful and jazz sonorities, adding up a great deal of rawness and authenticity to each one of her tracks. After the well-acclaimed singles “Move” and “TRIXXX”, the artist returns with a subtle yet powerful song entitled “Cleanse Me”.

In addition to unveiling George Riley’s striking vocals, the track does great justice to the artist’s self-assured lyricism. Characterized by hypnotizing rhythms, “Cleanse Me” tackles the social injustices surrounding the climate crisis. Directed by Jason Vaz, the music video that accompanies the track explores this notion, portraying the singer slowly building her own utopian world.

4. BABii – Bruiise

A few weeks ago, BABii took the electronic British scene by storm with her dazzling single “SHADOW”. The track set the tone of the artist’s singular universe, characterized by a beautiful combination of crystal-clear vocals and dance floor beats. This week, she confirms her undeniable talent and singular energy with her new track “BRUiiSE” as she announces her forthcoming album MiiRROR due for release on the 21st May.

Tainted with authentic DIY sensibilities, the track serves as an emotive yet hypnotizing anthem, a channel for the artist to safely express her deepest emotions. We can’t wait to discover what will come next!

5. Lightning Bug – The Right Thing Is Hard To Do

With two brilliant albums to their credit, indie-folk quintet Lightning Bug will soon return with a third opus, the well-anticipated A Color of the Sky. To set the tone of what’s to be expected, musicians and friends Audrey Kang, Kevin Copeland, Logan Miley, Dane Hagen, and Vincent Puleo have unveiled their dazzling single “The Right Thing Is Hard To Do”.

Characterized by a dreamy country vibe, the track serves as an ode to vulnerability, growth, and self-acceptance. The Melanie Kleid-animated music video that accompanies the track perfectly portrays this notion, whilst bringing a handful of hope.

6. Charlotte Adigéry – Bare With Me (and I’ll stand bare before you)

Two years after the release of her brilliant EP Zandoli, Charlotte Adigéry returns with a banger of a new single, the brilliant “Bare With Me (and I’ll stand bare before you)”. Signed with label Deewee studio, the Belgian artist wrote this song in collaboration with her partner Bolis Pupul as part of the label’s very first compilation, Foundations, due to be released on the 7th of May.

With her unique vocals and hypnotizing beats, the artist has once again proven to have more than one trick up her sleeve.

7. A.ROSE – Drama Queen

Our little pop heart always skips a beat when we discover a new pop darling like A.ROSE. The singer, who’s originally from the UK, grew up in the Netherlands where she currently resides and works on her debut-EP that has been in the works for some time.

“Drama Queen” is an absolute bop that radiates so much sass and fun. The chorus is incredibly infectious and the bass gives the whole song a nice groove. We love and live for “Drama Queen”!

8. feeo – End Song

The rising neo-soul goddess feeo is known for her intriguing songs and can count Nilüfer Yanya and Arlo Parks amongst her biggest fans. In June, the fine arts-student will release her first EP feels like we’re getting older doesn’t it, which also features the new release “End Song”.

feeo’s style is difficult to describe because there’s simply no one like her. “End Song” is an apocalyptical soul tune, where we get different layers of sounds that manage to keep us interested throughout four minutes. She’s an absolute gem that needs to be discovered by the general public.

9. Max Leo – breaking my heart

Lately, everybody seems to be even more in love with bedroom pop since the rise of a.o. Clairo or ROLE MODEL. Max Leo is next in line for a spot in your heart (or playlist) with his debut single “breaking my heart”, which totally captures what Gen Z loves at the moment.

The melody of “breaking my heart” is soft and dreamy, but the drums and vocals make it all a bit more laid back and catchy. If our heart ever gets broken, we already know which break-up anthem we’ll blast through our speakers.

10. Luchi Blue & DANiCA – Hotline

Sometimes, you need to be at the right place at the right time like Luchi Blue. The rapper and producer was scouted at a Childish Gambino and became a full-time professional model that graced campaigns all over the world. His biggest love remains music and that’s why he continues to develop an artistic identity.

Together with his fellow London colleague DANiCA, Luchi Blue creates a comfortable space with “Hotline”. The addictive slow-jam is an instant musical crush and highlights two rising stars of the talented London scene.

Co-written by Maxim Meyer-Horn.

Picture A.ROSE by Stijn Mulder.

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