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26 Mar

Our 10 Favorite Future Hits of the Week

Spring is around the corner and that usually marks the start of the festival season. While it’s still unclear which festival can take place, some huge festivals already postponed to next year but that doesn’t mean that artists don’t release good music. To guide you through the immense load of new releases, we picked our ten favorites of the week and added them to our amazing Spotify playlist.

1. Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

Lil Nas X is really on his way to becoming an absolute icon. The rapper has broken records with his gigantic popular single “Old Town Road” and keeps doing great on TikTok with his hilarious videos. With the release of “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” he confirmed his highly-anticipated debut album for next summer and already gets us incredibly excited.

“MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” is an absolute showstopper and marks another milestone in his career. In the track and especially his music video, Lil Nas X is truly embracing his sexuality and just succeeds to impress us with crazy looks.


COBRAH is an absolute cult icon and recently returned with her single “DIP N DRIP”. The Swedish pop legend announced her new self-titled EP for May 12th, which is her first project since her massively popular debut-EP ICON from 2019.

“GOOD PUSS” is a real masterpiece for everyone who likes a good explicit pop track with electronic influences. The house sounds and the disturbingly soft vocals make this song an absolute banger that screams to be played in a gay club. Fierce, fiercer, COBRAH!

3. Izzi De-Rosa – Love & Roulette

TikTok became the real place-to-be for upcoming artists like Izzi De-Rosa to showcase their talent and tease music. The British singer has over 100.000 followers on the popular app and went viral with a snippet of her unreleased “Love & Roulette”.

Since everybody kept begging for an official release, De-Rosa decided to put out her debut single that is the sweet pop song we needed right now. Her playful lyrics and sugar-sweet song production are a great introduction to everything that’s about to happen for the upcoming artist. We definitely have a new crush and her name is Izzi De-Rosa.

4. Polar Youth – Love Me

The Belgian producer Polar Youth is gearing up for some epic months with some great collaborations coming out very soon. In the past, she already worked with artists like Coely or Sangstaa and put out her first project Lost & Found.

“Love Me” is a song that reflects how we all feel during these times. It’s about having to miss your loved ones and seeing the light at the end of a tunnel. Sonically, this electronic pop song sounds very hopeful and just reminds us that everything will be fine in the end.

5. King Kofi – White Boys

The London-based storyteller and artist King Kofi uses his platform to address topics that should be talked about more frequently. In his childhood, the emerging artist already developed a love for poetry, hip hop, and theatre, which something you can still hear in his music.

In “White Boys”, King Kofi is reflecting on the racism he often faces when he dates because “she only likes white boys”. The minimalistic electronic melody ensures a subtle and atmospheric song that puts the focus on the strong lyrics.

6. Noomi – Ride

We’ve already said it many times but there’s no pop scene as strong as the Scandinavian pop scene. The Stockholm-based Noomi was raised in a musical family and cites the UK Underground scene with a.o. Radiohead and Massive Attack as her main influences.

Noomi’s debut single “Ride” is an intriguing take on pop because it carefully plays with different sound layers. The song represents the start of her journey and the self-discovery that’s involved in the process of starting out. This surely isn’t the last we’re going to hear from the gifted singer-songwriter

7. Mina Okabe – Walk Away

Denmark’s stunning breakout artist Mina Okabe was one of our best discoveries of last year when we picked up her debut single and we were super curious where her road will lead to. After being patient for some months, we finally got new music from Okabe and it was definitely worth the wait.

Like last time, Mina’s gentle voice is the star of the song and is the best tool to tell a story about the bittersweetness of love. In these insecure times, “Walk Away” feels refreshing and just shows that music is the best tool to make us happy.

8. ROSEELU – Playing Alone

At the age of only nineteen, ROSEELU already knows what direction she’s going for and thrills us by releasing an incredibly strong pop song. Growing up, the Danish singer was rather an introvert and preferred her own company. Eventually, she discovered her voice and love for music.

Her latest single “Playing Alone” is a brilliant track that has both a happy and dark side at the same time. We can’t get enough of this badass song, that got us addicted from the moment we’ve heard it for the first time. With slight influences from the ’90s and R&B, this pop song managed to electrify us from start to finish.

9. Princess Nokia – It’s Not My Fault

A new era for Princess Nokia finally kicked off. The American rap-star celebrated the 10th anniversary of her career last year and there’s nothing that can slow her down. Her undeniable unique and iconic flow has inspired many artists, and the new era promises to be as gag-worthy as her previous work.

In the unapologetic anthem “It’s Not My Fault” Princess Nokia brings the energy that made her so popular. If you’re ever having lower morale, this song will light a fire under your ass. Princess Nokia remains the main character in “It’s Not My Fault”.

10. Connie Constance – Electric Girl

Our obsession with Connie Constance is real since she took our breath away with the phenomenal “Monthy Python”. Her exciting mix between alternative R&B, soul, punk, and pop is still highly underrated but the new single can change that.

“Electric Girl” is her first single of the year and combines everything we love about her music. The edginess of the chorus with its cool guitars and the build-up towards a climax is a pure display of her power as an artist. What an electrifying song!

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