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15 Jan

Our 10 Favourite New Songs of the Week

If there’s one thing that unites people in times of separation, it must be music. For that reason, we select our favourite ten songs every week and try to introduce you to the songs you have to hear. To make it even easier for you, we collect them in our lovely weekly-updated Spotify playlist.

1. Lana Del Rey – Chemtrails Over the Country Club

We received a lot of news from Lana Del Rey this week. The American icon revealed the release date of her upcoming album Chemtrails Over the Country Club, which is due on the 19th of March. After the beautiful “Let Me Love You Like a Woman”, she now started 2021 with the title track of her next project. We expected nothing else than a dreamy, melancholic song, and the queen meets our expectations again!

Our trip through melancholic dreamland takes almost five minutes, perfectly split in two. After a magical intro, it seems like Lana is building to something bigger. “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” finds the perfect balance between chaos and melancholy. The American singer takes us in a blur where we want to stay in forever. The expectations for the next album are already very high.

2. Sofía Valdés – Lonely

Our new favorite Panamanian talent – or did you know another artist from Panama? – is without any doubt, Sofía Valdés. She released three songs since September, including the beautiful cover of Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape”. Now she has almost a million streams without even having a bigger project. The new single “Lonely” is Sofía’s next step to a debut EP.

“Lonely” is once more another face of Sofía Valdés. The song is big in its simplicity, thanks to just the guitar and the voice of the Panamanian singer. It sounds very cute and dreamy, and that’s why it’s the perfect soundtrack for these cold days. “Lonely” sounds very idyllic and is a beautiful song to listen to with your eyes closed.

3. Charlotte Cardin – Daddy

The Canadian singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin already seduced us a couple of times with her melancholic pop songs. It’s already almost three years ago since she released her debut-ep Main Girl, where she showcased her massively interesting voice.

Charlotte has been quiet for some months but surprised us with the brand new single “Daddy”. Once again, her sultry voice brings some extra spice to her cute pop arrangement. Charlotte Cardin always manages to warm our hearts with her music and “Daddy” was the best gift she could give us.

4. Baby Queen – Raw Thoughts

Baby Queen is back bitches! The British singer just released her debut EP last year and is now definitely one to watch. There isn’t a lot of time to hesitate, because since she was featured in almost every one’s-to-watch-list, the new single “Raw Thoughts” is quite an introduction for everyone who didn’t know her.

Baby Queen pulled out all the stops for her newest single. A catchy beat, a lot of dreamy synths, and as icing on the cake some guitars. The choruses will stick in your head for the rest of the day, and not only because of the catchiness. As usual, Bella sings about very recognizable subjects like getting fucked up. Baby Queen gives you your daily dose of pink glitter!

5. Sonayou – bb

2021 will be a big year for Sonayou. The Belgian singer is just eighteen years old, but already released an album and a lot of singles. She’s working again on another LP and it already sounds very promising. This week, she released the second (and also her favorite) single of the record.

“bb” became an electropop gem. A dark baseline, sultry beats, and a voice that sounds like a young Dua Lipa: Sonayou is on the right track. The single talks about seeing your ex with his downgraded new girlfriend, so it’s as it were a self-empowering anthem.

6. Ebhoni – Hit This

Ehboni might be just twenty years young but has already gathered a lot of experiences since her debut in 2016. The Toronto based artist already modeled for Rihanna’s FENTY but also works hard on her debut project, which we can expect somewhere this year.

“Hit This” is an afrobeat influenced track produced by IzyBeats (Jorja Smith, Koffee). The joyful melody and enchanting beats bring the heat and let us fantasize about next summer. Grab a cocktail, put on this track, and just imagine being on a beach.

7. Emotional Oranges – Bonafide (feat. Chiiild)

Emotional Oranges are back from never being away. The incognito duo released two albums in no time and gained A LOT of streams. Nobody really knows who they are but as a sound engineer of Drake and a voice coach of Adele, A and V know how the music scene works. For their newest single, they teamed up with Canadian talent Chiiild.

“Bonafide” became a very chill but sultry track. Thanks to the baseline and the hot vibes, we’re catapulted to the beach. The interaction between V and Chiiild takes the song to another level. The collaboration is without any doubt the next big hit that Emotional Oranges will score.

8. Middle Kids – Questions

It was a bit quiet around the Australian indie band Middle Kids lately, but that’s because frontwoman Hannah Joy was very busy getting a baby. Now she’s back focused on music because the band is set to release a second LP in March. The new single “Questions” is already an excellent taster of Today We’re The Greatest. 

The new single is very constructive because we permanently meet some other instruments. After some time “Questions” finally explodes. The trumpets take over and put a smile on your face. It took some time to convince us, but Middle Kids succeeded with distinction.

9. Kara Marni – Trippin

Fans of UK’s rising R&B star Kara Marni had to be patient. For quite some time, the singer had been teasing the release of her new single but there’s was finally light at the end of the tunnel this week when she announced “Trippin” as her new single.

Kara Marni has a strong voice and definitely knows how to use it. “Trippin” is a well balanced R&B-pop song without flaws and can be classified as one of her biggest bops to date. Let’s see on what trip the song will take Kara in the upcoming weeks because it wouldn’t surprise us if it ends up in the charts.


10. Jaguar Jonze – ASTRONAUT

The Australian artist Jaguar Jonze decided to ascend to another universe by releasing her disturbingly beautiful pop symphony “ASTRONAUT”. With the song, she liberates herself from a lifelong battle with anxiety, which she translated into an incredible music video.

“ASTRONAUT” is about a contradiction between feeling lost in vast spaces and trapped in claustrophobic spaces. Musically, the song builds up to an unpredictable apotheosis that leaves you without any breath. Jaguar Jonze is a captivating act, who’s surely a star that we’ll keep a close eye on.

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