24 Jun 2021

Our 7 Favorite Designer Mini Bags of the Season

You’d wonder why mini/micro/nano bags are so popular due to practical reasons. Last time we checked a bag used to be a practical item to carry all your belongings and not just one lipstick. A quick look at the leather goods collection of basically every big brand learns us that designer mini bags are more present than ever.

An explanation of the mini popularity is the fact that we simply carry less stuff, especially in Asian countries. Doors open with codes, you pay for everything by card or your phone, so the only thing you have to carry is your lipstick.

Another reason is the price range. Compared to regular sizes, the shrunken version quickly costs half the price. When we talk thousands of euros, 50% can make a huge difference when you want a luxury bag but you don’t have the financial means yet. Last but not least, there’s also the hype: you buy it because of esthetical reasons rather than practical reasons.

Scroll down to discover our seven favorite mini/nano/micro designer bags of the season.

Trend Luxury mini bags

Dior micro bags collection

Trend Luxury mini bags

Balenciaga Neo Classic top handle mini bag

Trend Luxury mini bags

Celine mini Besace in Triomphe canvas bag

Trend Luxury mini bags

Louis Vuitton petit sac plat

Trend Luxury mini bags

Bottega Veneta mini Jodie bag

Trend Luxury mini bags

Loewe nano Puzzle bag

Trend Luxury mini bags

Maison Margiela Tabi bucket bag

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