Maxim Meyer-Horn

25 Dec 2020

Our 8 Favorite New Releases Of The Week

While Christmas is usually a time where you get together with all your loved ones, it was all a little bit different. Instead of visiting everyone and gaining weight by eating too much, many people stay home and spend a nice time with their close family. To make that time even cozier, we selected our favorite releases of the week and put them in our lovely weekly-updated Spotify playlist.

1. Emma Bale – moonchild

Belgian singer Emma Bale is getting ready for her biggest year to date. After already achieving big successes with her hits like “Cut Loose” or “Run”, she’s finally releasing her debut album next year and participates in a popular Belgian tv-show.

Before unveiling further singles of her new album, Bale released the dreamy ballad “moonchild” that has been in her setlist for a while already. The song is about missing someone and feeling alone, which makes it a relatable song for a lot of people. A wonderful touching song!

2. Kelsey Lu, Kelly Moran, Moses Boyd & Yves Tumor – let all the poisons that lurk in the mud seep out

The award for the longest song title of the year could definitely go to the new song of Kelsey Lu. Together with fellow musician Kelly Moran, Moses Boys, and Yves Tumor, she creates a mesmerizing new world with a groundbreaking soundscape.

“let all the poisons that lurk in the mud seep out” starts with hypnotizing melodies and builds up to a magnetizing climax that gives you goosebumps all over your body. Kelsey Lu is truly gifted and got the right people on board to make it even more stunning.

3. Kyan Palmer – Why So Serious?

Kyan Palmer became a viral star on Tik Tok because of his singing but he’s also a talented songwriter. The LA-based artist has already scored some little hits and had a big year with several million streams on Spotify. After already releasing eight songs this year, he’s adding one more song to his discography before the year is over.

Pop fans will adore his smooth voice and the catchy hooks of “Why So Serious?”. The song is super playful and just expresses so much fun, which makes us happy in no time. After a bad day, this song will definitely give you a mood boost!

4. Morane – “On The Side”

Morane wants to level up with every new release and she’s succeeding in that purpose. Antwerp’s new R&B-star ended her project CDR in September but unveiled her new project TO GET HER soon after. “Bad Habit” was stuck in our minds ever since and “On The Side” is already next in line.

With the help of her producer Anders, Morane made the incredibly catchy “On The Side” and impresses us with the star appeal she’s radiating. Morane won’t be on the sideline much longer because this girl is ready to become a frontrunner.

5. SZA – “Good Days”

SZA was already nominated for ten Grammy’s, an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe but didn’t take home an award yet to our surprise. Maybe that will change in 2021 because there seems to be a new album on the way.

After a year with lots of ups and downs, SZA is proving that there are “Good Days” ahead by finally releasing this fan favorite. With a length of almost five minutes, we were afraid that SZA wouldn’t keep our attention throughout the song but she proved us wrong. “Good Days” is the positive song we all needed today.

6. Luke Sital-Singh – Both Sides Now

You may remember Luke Sital-Singh from his hit “The Greatest Lovers”, but the British singer-songwriter never reached that popularity again. However, he never stopped making beautiful guitarleaded songs. After releasing his album last year, he made eight singles in 2020, with “Both Sides Now” as icing on the cake.

Luke made the perfect song for a cozy Christmas day. There’s only just the singer and his guitar, which represents a wonderful song. It’s like we’re all sitting around the campfire with a beautiful sky full of stars as a scene. “Both Sides Now” feels very honest and emotional, and is shortly another magical song by the British singer.

7. Mando Diao – Vi lever nu

The Swedish band Mando Diao already exists for twenty years, but never really a breakthrough. That’s probably because a lot of their songs are in Swedish. After releasing an album, fully in their home language, earlier this year, the band now returns with “Vi lever nu”; aka “We’re living now”.

The song starts with a catchy acoustic guitar and the intriguing voice of Gustaf Norén. After a while, the tempo gets higher which indicates a big chorus. They sound very easy to remember – although they’re in Swedish – you can sing along after some listening. Catchy indie rock from Sweden on a holiday, what did you want more?

8. bby ivy – In Case U Wanna Come Back

Another Scandinavian name in our ‘8 releases’ is bby ivy. The Norwegian singer is going some places lately with her urban pop, so she’s definitely one to watch in 2021! Today she released the lowkey sad song “In Case U Wanna Come Back”, which represents her sound.

The song only takes two minutes but sounds very magical. With only a piano, a voice, and some minimalistic electrical influences, bby ivy takes you on a trip to Norwegia. After a while, we get some strings, which takes the song to another level. A beautiful Christmas gift!

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