12 Apr

Our Backstage Chat with Cindy Bruna at the Calzedonia Summer Show

Verona, mostly known for the epic Romeo and Juliet story, has been writing a new kind of love story lately. A story that has nothing to do with drama, on the contrary, it’s all about beauty. Calzedonia organized its annual summer show which draws beautiful women from all around the world to the Italian city, longing for beachwear.

Our little backstage chat with top model Cindy Bruna

Besides attending the spectacle (calling it just a show would be an understatement) itself, we got the chance to have a chat with top model Cindy Bruna. She isn’t only insanely beautiful (even in real life), the 23-year-old model also seems to be very sweet and she’s interesting on top. Some women do have it all…

You’ve gone a long way in the modeling industry. How did you know that this was your calling?

I actually didn’t really know… I was always thin and tall, compared to my friends at school but I didn’t know that modeling was an actual job. They actually just found me in the South of France when I was 15. A woman came to talk to me and asked whether I was interested in coming to Paris to pursue a modeling career. I talked about it with my mother, maybe even begged her, and so I started during my school holidays. When I turned 18, I moved to Paris and then everything became pretty crazy.

After all you’ve reached in your career, do you still have any milestones to reach as a top model?

Of course! I’m still super young and I have so much to achieve. Also, a career isn’t just about what I’m doing right now, it’s also about what will happen after I stop modeling.

What would you do if you weren’t a model?

I actually wanted to be an accountant for a little while or a math teacher. A sexy accountant of course.

Diversity in the modeling industry is slowly getting better. How did you experience the industry as a model of Congolese descent?

I’ve always seen my mixed background as a major strength. My dad is Italian, my mom Congolese and I grew up in France. The fact that I grew up with all of these cultures and influences has only been an asset in my career.

Calzedonia Summer Show Cindy Bruna
Calzedonia Summer Show Cindy Bruna

What advice would you give to little girls that are dreaming to become like you?

The most important thing is, when you want to become a model, that you have an agent who believes in you and works with you. You can’t do it by yourself, it requires some major teamwork. That’s what I found in the South of France when I was 15.

Another very important tip is: stay who you are. Stay the same, be nice with everyone, stay focussed and humble. Sometimes it can be really hard and you might lose yourself in some ways. That’s why you should always stay close to your family and friends.

Which Congolese dish do you prefer: kwanga, rice or foufou?

I really love foufou!

A bikini or a bathing suit?

Both I think, it’s hard to choose.

What are your aspirations after modeling?

I have one particular aspiration at the moment but it’s still a secret… you will hear about it in the future. Also, right now I’m doing things on the side like working with a charity that supports women who’ve gone through a rough time,  like domestic abuse.

 Calzedonia Summer show

Next to Cindy, the catwalk was packed with pretty models showing the latest Beachwear Collection from Calzedonia. We can assure you, making delicious pizza isn’t the only thing Italians are good at. The collection was filled with various styles. Whether you’re more into pink stripes, black ruffles, sparkles or velvet, there’s definitely a bikini or bathing suit that you’ll like. Our personal favorites were the striped one that Devon Windsor is wearing and the red bathing suit from Cindy in the featured image.

Calzedonia Summer Show 2018
Calzedonia Summer Show 2018

Photo credits: Calzedonia


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