Our guide to a healthy social media use


Our Guide to a Healthy Social Media Use

The average person spends around two hours a day on social media, teens sometimes up to nine hours. If you ever wondered what you’re doing with your life besides working, studying and sleeping… here’s the answer. Maybe you’re watching interesting documentaries on YouTube or checking the news via Facebook or Twitter. Good for you! If this isn’t the case, than you’ve basically devoted your life to checking what others are doing instead of doing something meaningful yourself. Or you’re busy posting how much fun you’re having instead of actually enjoying the moment. Even when you think you’re managing a healthy social media use, it won’t do any harm to continue reading. 9 chances out of 10 it’s not as healthy as you think it is.

The Happy Meter

Funny fact is that we never heard anyone say that spending loads of precious hours on social media made them a happier person. Definitely not when that medium is Instagram since it has by far the lowest score on the happy meter. Instagram is the medium par excellence when you like to show how great your life is and how good you look, even if that’s totally not the case. With the help of apps, such as Facetune, everyone can look like a model just like that (by means of speaking). YouTube finds itself on the other end of the happy meter. Sounds pretty logical since it’s way more difficult to make things look perfect in a video.

Our guide to a healthy social media use

Black, Nor White

Nothing is ever black or white so we don’t have to portray social media as the bad guy. Since the beginning all of the channels have been great tools to share ideas, stories, style, beauty, humor and so on. It gave “average” people a platform to showcase their talents to potential fans without the help of TV, radio, magazines or whatsoever. Yet, social media have also become a platform of hatred, jealousy, hidden imperfections, fake behavior and maleficent practices. Some people, unfortunately, forgot that the “think before you act” rule also counts online.

Anyway, social media can be fun, it’s just all about how we deal with it!

What can we do to use our own social media channels in a healthier, less self- absorbed way? Also, how can we reduce the useless time we spend on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others?

Posting yourself

– Always ask yourself the question: “Am I posting this because I want to share or am I in desperate need of attention?” If it’s the latter, just call a friend to hang out instead.

– Searching for a good angle, using a filter or removing a pimple is one thing, applying an app to reshape your face or body is another. It’s human to show yourself from a good perspective, but don’t transform into someone else. It’s simply mentally disturbing.

– You don’t have to share your entire life, every minute of the day. Some privacy never harmed anyone. Just try to enjoy the moment itself once a while.

Our guide to a healthy social media use


Watching others

– Spending two hours a day spying on others is still acceptable, nine is way over the top. Unless it’s your actual job, try to hide that phone and laptop once a while to do something useful.

– Let go of the fear of missing out… Unless you’re really rich or you can teleport yourself.

– If you haven’t found out by now that luck, happiness and opportunities weren’t equally divided amongst the inhabitants of planet earth, you really spent too much time in a bubble.

– Being envious is by far the biggest waste of energy.

– If a person/account really bothers you, the unfollow/block button is just a few clicks away.

– Always be the bigger person and never post comments filled with hatred, frustration or envy. You’re smarter than that!

Our guide to a healthy social media use


Our guide to a healthy social media use


Social alternatives

– Create boards on Pinterest and fill these with things you’re truly passionate about. Pinterest is less about the likes and popularity and more about focussing on what fascinates you.

– If you’re spending loads of hours on YouTube, you might as well watch something interesting you can learn from. Such as a documentary about global warming or the amount of plastic in our oceans. You know, just to be informed about what’s happening in the outside world.

– When you’re having a bad Instagram day, focus on the accounts that make you smile such as cute animals rather than admiring the millionth picture of someone in a pool, floating on an inflatable unicorn.

– Be social, leave your phone at home and head with some friends to the nearest bar to have an actual chat.   

Photo credits: @xameliax, pinterest 
Artwork: Marah Zada – @zmarahz

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