Janne Schellingen

25 May

Our Intern Listened to Charli XCX for the First Time and This Is What Happened

When I told Enfnts Terribles I had never listened to Charli XCX, they were shocked. I was missing out, and I needed to change that immediately. So as I’m sitting on my hour and a half train ride to my internship, I decided that now is as good a time as any to lose my Charli XCX virginity.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know who Charli XCX is and I have heard a song of hers come across the radio, but I have never listened to her on purpose. Right off the bat, I can already tell you that this is not the music I normally listen to. I’m more of a sad-indie-rock-girl myself. Don’t worry, I’m not sad, I just like sad music.

Her new album how i’m feeling now starts off with “pink diamond”. This is an intense song to listen to at 8 am. For some reason the song reminds me of Bring Me The Horizon’s amo. The hard beats and electronic music radiate the same vibe. The song is chaotic and loud. I hope the whole album isn’t like this.

Maybe I’m not awake enough yet.

Not as poppy as I thought

I honestly didn’t know Charli made music like this. I always thought she made the usual pop music that blended in with all the other songs out there, but she’s beginning to prove me wrong. If I turn “claws” up to full blast and close my eyes, I can see myself standing at a festival with a beer in hand and dancing like crazy.

As “enemy” comes around, there’s a shift in the album. All the songs that follow are pleasant to listen to, except for “c2.0”. I’m sorry, but I’m skipping that song. “Enemy” definitely is my favorite: I love the lyrics and even though it still has a lot of electronic beats in it, it sounds a bit slower and calmer than her other songs.

Okay, we’re getting to the good music now. “I finally understand” has such a cool vibe and Charli’s voice matches great with it. I’m bobbing my head to the music involuntarily, and I can safely say that I like this song. I even added it to my Spotify library!

2099 can’t come soon enough

I’ve finished the whole album, but I still have around 50 minutes before I arrive in Antwerp. I’m blasting1999″ right now. Troye Sivan’s name drew my attention and I now recall that I’ve heard this song before. I saw it on my Instagram a while back when it was just released. Troye features in it and I thought I’d give it a shot. It honestly has me dancing on the train.

One of my colleagues told me yesterday that she hated “2099”, so of course I have to give it a go as well. In my opinion, she couldn’t be more wrong. Charli’s and Troye’s voices blend together perfectly and the fact that it’s a bit of a slower song makes it even better.

As I finish my train ride, I can safely say that Charli XCX has a lot of talent. Her sound has noticeably changed and for the better. Although Charli’s music is a bit too upbeat and poppy (and sometimes even techno) for me, I do see myself listening to a couple of her songs in the future like “1999”, “enemy”, “Boys” and “i finally understand”.

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