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14 May

Our Selection of the 10 Best Songs of the Week

New week, new music Friday! Every week we select ten new songs that need to be put on repeat all weekend long. Some of these artists may already be saved in your playlists, but we’ve also found some new gems as well. We put them all together in a Spotify playlist, so all you have to do is follow us there, press play, and crank up the volume.

1. Maeve — Sick

Frequent readers of our weekly musical round-up might already know the Cayman Islands artist Maeve because we featured her a month ago as well with her song “Bleach”. But she keeps blowing us away with her talent, so the London-based singer is back again on our list with the third single (“Sick”) from her debut EP Caravaggio in a Corner Store due out June 17.

“Sick” is a song about pure infatuation and wanting to have every single piece of someone. The single’s uniquely distinctive sound with distorted rolling beats and Maeve’s haunting vocals conveys that besotted meaning perfectly. All in all, we’re in love with Maeve, and we’re counting down the days until her debut EP finally drops.

2. Au/Ra — Bite Marks

When we met Au/Ra three years ago for an Interview, we already felt that the singer would make a lasting impact. On Spotify alone, her music has reached far more than half a billion streams without having even one album out and her popularity doesn’t seem to have reached a peak yet.

Au/Ra has been teasing her new single “Bite Marks” for a while now and often mentioned that it’s one of her favorite own songs. We have to agree with her because the goofy production has such a euphoric vibe that we immediately put the song on repeat a few times.

3. Charli Adams and Ruston Kelly — Headspace

American indie sensation Charli Adams swapped her deeply conservative environment in Alabama for Nashville to kickstart her music career, and it’s paying off. With support from the likes of Billboard, Fader, and Dork, she’s gathering momentum and even earned a spot in Taylor Swift’s Women’s Day playlist. Ahead of her debut album Bullseye, set for release on July 16, Charli Adams dropped her new single “Headspace” featuring Ruston Kelly.

The songwriter’s newest single is all about her memories of romance: “’Headspace’ is about being so in love with someone that it physically hurts really bad.” The aching love-song lyrics are paired beautifully with Adams’ angelic voice, and Kelly’s voice rounds out the song perfectly. Don’t mind us, but we’re crying while listening to this in the most therapeutic way possible.

4. Circe — Going Down

London dark pop artist Circe has already amassed support from BBC 1, The Fader, and Wonderland, and she just keeps on making waves in the music industry. Following the release of her debut EP She’s Made Of Saints last year, her single “Going Down” takes inspiration from her diary entries as a lapsed catholic teen. 

“Going Down” tells the romantic tale of a forbidden love retold in Circe’s ethereal sound. The evocative lyrics and sultry vocals are mixed with technicolor synths and stadium-sized drum hits. It accumulates into a triumphant song about the exploration of female sexuality and queer liberation. 

5. Pip Millett and Ghetts — Running

Manchester-born Pip Millett is another enigmatic breakout voice in R&B, and she’s already been noticed by i-D, The Fader, and Pigeons & Planes. Following the release of her critically-acclaimed second EP Lost In June, her first release of the year, “Running”, features UK rapper Ghetts. 

Written during the pandemic and the lasting shadow of the BLM protests, “Running” is about inequality and the tiresome reality of being Black or a person of color. Opening with a delicate choral instrumental from producer Joice, which returns throughout the song, the sample serves as a stark backdrop to Millett’s vocals, showcasing the purity of her vocal talent. 


If there’s something BXB LOVE loves to be, it’s being unpredictable and surprising everyone. While her debut single “matrix” was met with praise, she decided to do the absolute opposite on her second single. The Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based singer is only at the start of the adventure but her potential can already easily be witnessed.

Instead of soft guitar melodies like on her debut, “IGNORANCE SONG” has a way more furious production. The punk and rock-vibe are a great addition to what we’ve already heard of her, and the final guitar riffs serve as the ultimate build-up to an unforgettable climax.


Brussels-based producer, rapper, and singer LZI FT is a musical mastermind and loves to create sinister places with his music. His signature hip-hop sound has made him popular within the Belgian underground scene, and his first album Metamorphosis proved that there are a lot of facets to his music.

With a length of only 01:44, “DISTORTED” is a rather short song and doesn’t have a lot of time to get into the ear of a listener, but it still grabs your attention right from the start. The beats seem to be inspired by early 2000 rave culture and got that nice trap beat upgrade, which is just so typical LZI FT.

8. Laurel — Let Go

Have you ever heard of the term “sad bangers”? Well, Laurel is the UK’s queen of making sad songs that still slap because of their pop structure. On her latest offering Petrol Bloom, songs like “Scream Drive Faster” or “Best I Ever Had” made us fall in love with the British songstress.

“Let Go” has some beautiful string arrangements in the intro, that open a new musical horizon and flow into a dreamy chorus with drums giving the whole an extra dynamic. Even though there’s still a sense of sadness, the beautiful production lets your head bop to the magnificent climax.

9. Data Luv — Stars

German hip hop is something we aren’t very familiar with, but that’s about to change with the help of Data Luv. The 17-year-old rapper is the most remarkable new act from Berlin to keep an eye on because his early success in Germany can’t be understated.

“Stars” is a very fun, up-tempo song where Data Luv smoothly switches between rapping and singing as if it’s nothing. It’s interesting to see how much he has already grown as an artist since his first release and “Stars” is definitely his best single yet.

10. Miles Wesley — Golden

Rising LA pop artist Miles Wesley has been gaining momentum ever since he entertained millions of people on ABC’s Boy Band, after which he dropped his debut single “6 Feet Under”. He’s dropped two more singles since then and is now set to release his debut project, Here Goes Nothing Demos!, in a few weeks. His newest single “Golden” is the second offering of what is bound to be a charismatic body of work. 

With hypnotic rhythms, enticing pop melodies, and floor-shaking bass, “Golden” is another perfect song for the summer. There’s only one way you can listen to this genre-fused single with its hip-hop vocabulary and blood-pounding vocals: by cranking it all the way up! 

Photo credits: Maeve

Co-written by Maxim Meyer-Horn

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