Maxim Meyer-Horn

18 Dec 2020

Our 10 Favourite New Songs Of The Week

The end of the year always means that everyone is getting ready to spend some time with their loved ones and we’re providing the best soundtrack for the upcoming days. Like every week, we selected the ten best new songs without excluding a genre and collected them in our lovely weekly-updated Spotify playlist.

1. CupcakKe – Gum

cupcakKe is not as sweet as her name suggests but is probably one of the most full-mouthed rappers out there. The Chicago-based artist is known for her explicit lyrics and naughty productions that will turn you on within seconds.

Her single “Deepthroat” is already a pop culture classic and the freshly released song  “Gum” has all the ingredients to follow her early successes with its catty verses. The text doesn’t leave much room for imagination and the production makes it even more naughty. CupcakKe is a living legend and will hopefully continue to provocate.

2. Le Manou – Boule Disco

Straight from the smallest village in Belgium to the top. It’s the way that Le Manou is going these days. The Belgian singer is going places with her fresh French pop. After silence for a few months, Manou is finally back with new music: “Boule Disco!”

The song sounds exactly how you’d expect to after reading the title. A happy vibe, some dreamy beats, and the magical voice of Le Manou… a match almost literally made in heaven. If this is the standard for the next EP, we can’t wait to hear it!

3. Sally Boy – just friends now

Earlier this year, Sally Boy released his first project EREZ which featured seven interesting dream-pop songs. To end his amazing year, he surprised us with a perfect single that highlights all the strengths of his music.

“just friends now” is a melancholic R&B-inspired track that will get you in your feelings. The song shines thanks to its heartwarming vocal production and makes you hit the repeat button over and over again. We’re curious what Sally has in store for us next.

4. Camille Camille – Golden

More than one year after she participated in Studio Brussel’s De Nieuwe Lichting, Camille Camille is back in Business. The Belgian singer went to Sweden to record her debut album and is now more than ever ready to show her talent to the world.

“Golden” is the representation of dreamland. With magical acoustic sounds and a wonderful voice, Camille Camille lives up to the track title. The song is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, or an early walk. If this is the standard for the upcoming album, we can expect beautiful things from Camille in 2021.

5. Kids With Buns – 1712

Just like Camille Camille, Kids With Buns also participated in De Nieuwe Lichting. They’re one of the 30 finalists from this year, and now they released their first single. Amber Piddington and Marie Van Uytvanck are ready for their big breakthrough in 2021. Their debut “1712” is already a step in the right direction.

“1712” is not only the release date but is also the phone number for everybody who has questions about violence and (child) abuse. Without any doubt a strong message, but also the musical aspect is beautiful. The song flowers to a wonderful ending, with acoustic sounds, subtle beats, and a likable voice. An almost perfect way to start their career.

6. Cham Léon – two

There are a lot of great pop bands in Scandinavia but one of their newest gems is Cham Léon. The Norwegian singer has been creating his own universe and is spreading a message of equality, love, and acceptance. A wonderful message, accompanied by wonderful music, because his latest track “two” is one to enjoy!

“two” is the perfect follow up for “four” and “three”. A happy Scandinavian pop beat is the most important ingredient, but also Cham’s electronic-ish voice is very joyful. The choruses are very catchy, so after a few listens, you can sing the whole song. We wouldn’t be surprised if Cham Léon is getting his big breakthrough in 2021!

7. Dreamer Boy – Don’t Be A Fool

The melancholic music poet Dreamer Boy has a place close to our heart since his debut Love, Nostalgia. The American artist joined indie pop darling Clairo on her European tour and steadily became more popular with every release.

2020 marked the start of a new era for the singer from Nashville and “Don’t Be A Fool” is the latest release of his upcoming project. Fans of Harry Styles and Troye Sivan will adore this enchanting love song and we’re certain that he’s up for an impressive new year.

8. Another Sky – “Sun Seeker”

After their beautiful debut album earlier this year, Another Sky is already back. On the first day of 2021, they’ll release a new EP and it will sound definitely as great as we expected. The new single “Sun Seeker” will certainly be a highlight from  Music For Winter Vol 1.

The song feels like a warm blanket for these cold days. With a mix of guitars and some electronic influences, Another Sky made a magical song. Perfect for late nights, you’d think. After some time, ‘hell’ breaks loose. All the instruments feel overwhelming and are ensuring a wonderful apotheosis. We’re really looking forward to New Year because we finally can enjoy the whole EP.

9. Woodie Smalls – Diddy Bop

The Belgian rapper Woodie Smalls celebrated his big breakthrough in 2015 with his debut album Soft Parade. This year, he released the follow-up In Between Spaces and reintroduced himself as an artist which resulted in a rising amount of fans.

Smalls knows how to write a real bop that gets stuck in your head because “Diddy Bop” is definitely one of his finest tracks. The catchy hooks will make you addicted to his new track and who knows what he’s up to next.

10. YDE – BlindLife

YDE may only be seventeen but she’s hot and trending in Hollywood. Besides being an actor in several Netflix-series, the Australian-born artist started her musical career this year and found an amazing collaborator in Justin Tranter (Camila Cabello, Justin Bieber).

Her third and final single of the release is the perfect song for pop fans who like a groovy bass melody. “BlindLife” is an anthem for all the cool kids and could open the doors to the charts. We can’t get enough of her and love the creativity of the accompanying visuals.

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