Claudia Crovato

14 Feb

Our Valentine’s day crush: Ravyn Lenae

Are you in the mood for some smooth music? I mean, it’s Valentine’s day after all. Not feeling the romantic vibes yet? Don’t worry, we got you. Join us and listen to Ravyn Lenae’s brand new EP Crush. We guarantee you’ll instantly fall in love.

“Sticky”: glitter, neon, funk.

Before jumping right into the review, can we please take a moment to appreciate the visuals of the song Sticky?

The song, which also happens to be the first on the EP, has indeed been sticking in our minds ever since the release. What’s in a name, right? The sound isn’t the only thing which caught our attention though. Look at Ravyn serving us all this glitter, neon, funk and overall gorgeousness. How can you not love this woman with an angelic voice smoother than velvet?! Oh, by the way, she’s only 19 years old.

Steve Lacy

This project has been executive-produced by her peer, 19-year old Steve Lacy. May we stress the fact that he joined electro-hip-hop band The internet while he was still finishing high school? And the fact he produced the track Pride on Kendrick Lamar’s album Damn.  

Meanwhile, his fanbase has been growing continuously ever since he dropped his solo project Steve Lacy’s demo. All of this while recording his productions on his iPhone! Honestly, we could easily go on raving about him because this young man has it all. The voice, the looks, the production skills… Maybe we should consider writing an entirely new article on him. Anyways, we wanted to make a statement that he deserves at least as much credit and shine as Ravyn for this dreamy collaboration.


Now that everything has been said and made clear, we can get down to business.

Composed of five tracks, the EP perfectly showcases Lenae’s vocal abilities. Her sultry voice flowing over Lacy’s ambient beats will have you craving for more. For some other reason, magic seems to happen when Lenae’s and Lacy’s silky vocals interact on Computer Luv and 4 Leaf Clover. There’s no denying these two are born to collaborate. The way their voices blend is so pure and effortless. The full album evokes feelings of nostalgia, taking us back to the retro disco-ish days of r&b.

At the same time, modern-day r&b has never sounded so refreshing. On our personal favorite, The Night Song,  Ravyn is feeling herself, making sure her “edges all right”. Well boo, we feel you too! Believe us, once you start listening you won’t be able to quit


Listen to the full EP below:

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