17 Oct

The Guide to Outdressing The Best Dressed Around

Fashion month is over…and now what? Chill back and relax because we have tons of outfit hacks to outdress your best-dressed friend.

Looking back at the crazy-stylish street looks from fashion week, we spotted a lot of street style stars standing out with 1 outstanding designer piece. Whether it was a retro velvet shoe or the painted ‘real Gucci’-handbag that went viral. Either way this fall you’ll definitely need that one key piece in your closet that’ll make your closest friends go: “Wow, where’d you get that from?”. Now, let’s crack this enigma.

The street style fashionistas shared their personal style and amongst them, you had really original looks. The ones who actually set the bar higher are those who decided to take a whole new direction style-wise. Opting for an edgy downtown-chic vibe to distinguish their look from others. Without ever losing that special element that takes the look of the day to a new level.

Embrace the retro trend

Some fashion trends repeatedly resurrect from the ashes. If you think they were ever gone, think again. They’re actually just around the corner wanting to appear in your fall wardrobe once again.

Since it’s cool again to visit a thrift store on a regular basis. Make it your new activity because fall 2016 will be a season blessed with vintage shoes, pants, coats and accessories.

Reinvent that designer piece, you won’t regret it!

To be the best you have to look like the best. Don’t think, just do it! It only takes a few minutes and a couple of dollars for personalization. You can opt for the fluffy fur balls or a fine ankle bracelet to revamp your outfit. Do that frequently until you are perceived as the fashionista of the group. Isn’t that way more interesting than being the silly one though?

Wear your coat extra long!

Fall is the season of oversized gear anyways. So why not turn in those half-short summer kimonos for a decent long coat. You don’t want to get sick already are you? Well, coat up and you’ll be just fine. If Alexa Chung is doing it…we are doing it!

Hit the road jack

To get under your friends’ skin, we would suggest a good-looking leather bomber jacket. However, we haven’t found it yet. For now, a bomber jacket or an Acne-like leather jacket will work. For now!

Diversify your fall wardrobe

No matter if it’s stuff from a menswear collection always look for new ideas to keep diversifying your fall wardrobe.  Add more extra layers or just go all out.

Photo credits: Julien Boudet, Highsnobiety, Pinterest


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