Pablo Escobar's home is now a fancy boutique hotel in Tulum


Pablo Escobar’s Home Is Now an Artsy Boutique Hotel in Tulum

To all the ‘Narcos’ fans who were looking for a new travel destination, we found one you’ll have to bookmark on your bucket list and visit very soon. After 14 years Pablo Escobar’s former estate in Tulum has been transformed into a boutique hotel baptized Casa Malca.

Casa Malca is the only artsy hotel in the famed hometown of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. The guy who decorated this vibrant space with contemporary artworks, from artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, is a New York-based art distributor. Every now and then he pushes the refresh button. Which means he surprises his guests with new paintings, sculptures, and furniture every time they visit.

How it all started…

At first, Casa Malca was outlined to be used as a vacation home. However, in 2015, after a non-stop wave of friends and family visiting him, he turned his estate into a hotel with 9 bedrooms only.

Recently the owner jacked up that number to 35 and decided to remodel the entire place. Today the stunning boutique hotel is counted as one of Tulum’s havens. Offering exceptional rooms facing the Carribean sea.

Isn’t this a safe travel destination worth considering for the summer? Take a better look at it, in order to make a final decision.

Photo credits: Casa Malca, Architectural Digest


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