Parisian style: 3 cool kids who do it better than you


5 Jun

Street Style: 4 Cool Kids Who Probably Dress Better Than You

For a lot of guys out there Paris Fashion Week is the ultimate moment of the year to show how creative they can get with fashion. And the big crowd of fashionistas you see outside of the shows are living proof. Even though everyone’s goal is to outdress to impress, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, only a few guys really stand out to stay top of mind for yet another season.

If Parisian style intrigues you, then we think we found the way for you to stay connected with those guys and learn more about French men’s style.

JS Roques

Together with his girlfriend, JS is part of the duo called J’aime Tout Chez Toi. His trendy Parisian style is a well-balanced mix sporty high-end pieces and high-street.

JS Roque from J'aime Tout Chez Toi
Parisian style: 3 cool kids who do it better than you

Loic & Swann Joachim

Paris fashion weeks favorite twin knows best how to put together a banger outfit by only using modern essentials. For Loic and Swann it’s easy: never do too much but just enough.

Luka Sabbat

Luka Sabbat is a New York-based creative who started out as a model. And today he is running his own project called Hot Mess. Although the boy is not originally from Paris, you’ll see him strolling the Paris streets from show to show.

Follow Luka on the gram, to see his daily street looks. From Off-White to Raf Simons, his closet is full of avant-garde designers.

Photo credit:Pinterest,  J’aime tout chez toi, J’ai Perdu Ma Vest


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