Shit Went down at the Enfnts Terribles Party and We Have It All on Camera

The official Enfnts Terribles party pictures are here! A few weeks ago, we threw a party to celebrate the birth of our new website. As you would expect, shit went down that night. Luckily for us, we had our beauty contributor Gladys Ferro there with a disposable camera to capture it all.



We should also thank some people for making this epic party possible. First, we’d like to thank everyone who danced like there was no tomorrow. We owe DJ Lady SMarie-France from WeAreMitch and Maverick for providing us with the best musical vibes. Our hangover was made possible by Desperados, Vedett and Schweppes. The venue ‘Studio 220‘ delivered the perfect house party vibes. Thanks to N8N for letting us use your recording studio and for trusting us. Last, but not least, a massive thanks to everyone who made our party as wild as it was. You guys were amazing. Thanks for showing up!

Photo credits: Gladys Ferro for Enfnts Terribles

Sarah Gahiga

Thijs J. Antonneau and Quinten Kasch

Flo Windey

Catherine Kosters

Jon The Gold

Sam Van Humskerken

Flo Windey


Sam Van Humskerken

Chloé Kitembo and Sarah Gahiga

Jon The Gold, Zed Soul' Art and Laura van Londerzele

Maurice Verhelle and Ignace Witorius

Bab Buelens, Noémie Wolfs and Kinza Assecour

Flo Windey

Flo Windey and Amélie Outters

Flo's booty

Leen Degerickx and Kinza Assecour

Nathan Ambach

Hinda House

Nathan Ambach and Kinza Assecour

DJ Lady S and Marie-France Vodikulwakidi

Hinda House and Reine Nkiambote

Dries Vriesacker and Jon The Gold

Kelly Fober, Karina Zharmukhambetova and Aline Danneel

Leen Degerickx, Kinza Assecour and Jon The Gold

Amélie Outters and Christina De Witte

Ruth Van Soom and Rosanne de Boer

DJ Lady S, Kelly Fober, Julie Devriendt and Elisabeth Ouni

Sam Perl, Amélie Outters and Zed Soul' Art

Laura van Londerzele

Enfnts Terribles Party

Shit went down at the Enfnts Terribles party and we have it all on camera! Check the official party pictures here: https://enfntsterribles.com/party-pictures/Video by srvl.eu

Geplaatst door Enfnts Terribles op Donderdag 7 juni 2018
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