10 May

Paulien Riemis Designs a Fiery Collection for Diamanti Per Tutti

One of our favorite human beings, Paulien Riemis, recently designed her first jewelry collection ever for the Antwerp-based Diamanti Per Tutti. Paulien’s love for her hometown and secret interest in astrology were the main sources of inspiration for the 14 pieces she created. In case you were wondering… she’s a Leo. Her preference for yellow gold, rings and earrings obviously determined the collection. Besides the hidden treasure cuff and lioness necklace, the emphasis is all on hands and ears. Keeping it personal and real, that’s our girl!

The collection is defined by bold and natural shapes with an occasional ornamental detail. Besides yellow gold, green is a recurring color because of the gemstones that have been used. On top of that, all pieces are finished with small white diamonds. Our personal favorite? The lioness ring… even though the sun signs of our team members are mostly Pisces and Taurus, we guess a little touch of Leo won’t cause any harm.

Pure out of curiosity, we popped the question whether she’d like to do this again sometime and the answer was YES. At first Paulien thought she’d quickly run out of ideas, but once she started there was no stopping. So who knows, there might be an update on this story in the future. She has our blessing, that’s for sure!

Have a look at the full collection via diamantipertutti.com.

Paulien Riemis for Diamanti Pertutti
Paulien Riemis for Diamanti Pertutti
Paulien Riemis for Diamanti Pertutti
Paulien Riemis for Diamanti Pertutti

Photo credits: Zeb Daemen for Diamanti Per Tutti


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