Lorenzo Veppi

6 Apr 2017

A personal chat with Noah Cyrus

She’s only 17 years old, but don’t let her age trick you. This girl is on a roll and ready to conquer the world. Her name? Noah. Noah Cyrus. That will sound familiar in a lot of ears, and we probably don’t have to introduce you to her family. I don’t even want to. When I heard that I would get the chance to interview this sweet girl, I started going through all the interviews she already did. I’m still astounded by how journalists make everything revolve about her family. She’s her own fucking person, you know? I think it’s about time that people recognize her for the artist that she is, and not for the last name she possesses.

That being said, I’m glad that I got to know Noah a little bit better. (am I allowed to call her by her first name? Is our friendship on that level yet?) After our cozy sit-down at her hotel in Brussels, I realise that she’s also still a teenage girl and nothing different than us. And with that, I don’t mean that she isn’t special, but she’s also just a human being. We tend to idolize so many people and forget that they also have a life behind the spotlights. I got to know an incredibly down to earth girl that likes to watch Beauty and the Beast five days in a row in bed.

Almost Famous

Noah Cyrus started breaking grounds some time ago with her single “Make Me (Cry)” featuring Labrinth. The song has a certain amount of ‘je ne sais quoi‘ that makes me (and a lot of other people) love it. But I truly fell in love with her when she did an acoustic performance of an unreleased song called ‘Almost Famous‘. I advice you to just watch the video, close your eyes and listen. You’ll get goosebumps for sure. It’s so genuine. So filled with emotions. I can’t get over it.

That’s what I expect her album, called NC-17, to be. In our interview Noah revealed that all the songs are based on her life experiences and each tells a different personal story. Although she wouldn’t reveal too much about the tracks we haven’t heard yet. Noah likes to be secretive about it and she doesn’t want to spoil too much. It certainly makes me even more curious. She will be giving a glimpse of what we can expect with her upcoming single called Stay Together, which will drop on April 14th.

Personal chat with Noah Cyrus

We Love Noah Cyrus

If you didn’t figure it out yet while going through this piece of me just basically praising the hell out of Noah Cyrus; we at ENFNTS TERRIBLES are madly in love! And if at this point you aren’t also having the feels, here are some more reasons why you should love her:

– Noah loves wearing Champion, and revealed that she ordered a bunch of men’s sweatpants to chill on tour. (And she loooooved editor Dries’ sweater)

– She loves watching Dance Moms, like who doesn’t?

– Her manager literally had to tell her to stop singing Beauty and the Beast

– She wanted to get tattooed in Brussels

– When rehearsing for The Ellen Degeneres Show, she accidentally threw her microphone around the stage while Ellen was watching

– If she could choose one female artist to collaborate with, it would be Lady Gaga

– She’s totally the sweetest thing ever

– Did I mention she has the voice of an ANGEL?!?

I think that basically says it all. If you haven’t already, make sure to watch the video of our sit down with Noah Cyrus. We’ll be following her all along the road to the release of her album NC-17 and can’t wait to hear more.

Photos by Elien Jansen

Text by Lorenzo Veppi.

Video by Dennis Ravays

Personal chat with Noah Cyrus
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