PLEASE ADD COLOR Presents a Versatile Expo of Black Artists for Black History Month

It’s March, so Black History Month is kicking off, and we can already hear you thinking, “Isn’t Black History Month in February?” And you’d be right! But we’re talking about the fifth edition of Black History Month in Belgium (not the American one), which annually celebrates the resilience of the black community in the present and the past with all kinds of activities.

This year, the theme is ‘The Power of Assembly’ and documents the different ways the black community in Belgium has come together throughout the years. Artistic and curatorial platform PLEASE ADD COLOR sets the tone with two versatile vernissages of sub-Saharan artists who visualize ‘The Power of Assembly’.


Founded by Kevin Kotahunyi in 2019, PLEASE ADD COLOR is an artist-run initiative dedicated to the guidance of young artists and creatives of color when taking their first steps into the creative sector and art world.

“I’ve been involved in BHMB since the beginning, but mainly as an artist, and this year with the theme of assembly, I thought it was powerful to bring the creative black industry together with two PLEASE ADD COLOR vernissages, to have a conversation about art and the future. To me, it isn’t only Black History Month but also Black Future Month,” says PLEASE ADD COLOR founder Kevin Kotahunyi.

Analog by M. Guidotti


Titled ‘An Assembly of Years in Arts’, PAC is blending a selection of sub-Saharan artists and merging them into a group exhibition in Antwerp and Brussels. Internationally acclaimed names like Kahlil Joseph and premiering artists like Inès Eshun contributed to this assembly of sub-Saharan arts.

Both exhibitions are free of charge. From the 5th of March until the 3rd of April, ‘An Assembly of Years in Arts’ is on display in Ballon Rouge Brussels. Additionally, from the 18th of March until the 27th of March a second vernissage will be held at the event space Wilde Zee Antwerp.

For more information about the different activities available during Black History Month Belgium, visit their website

‘An Assembly of Years in Arts Brussels’ at Ballon Rouge, Place du Jardin aux Fleurs 2, Brussels 1000
‘An Assembly of Years in Arts Antwerp’ at Wilde Zee, Groendalstraat 20, 2000 Antwerp 

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