11 Jan

From the Runway to the Streets: The Prada Comeback is Real

Like we said before, the most exciting part of fashion week hasn’t started yet, however, we already spotted a trend that we predicted a while ago: the Prada-mania. People got used to the new logo very fast. Though seeing the old logo print in these streets again made us feel so nostalgic. From London to Firenze, here are the Prada items the fashion week goers are wearing.

The poplin shirt

We remember seeing the Banana shirt for the first time on their FW18 runway in Milan. Back then we thought: “Is Prada finally back?”. This article is the answer to that question. Yes, the Italian fashion house is back to being a top of mind brand, for men as well as for women. It has gone so far that we want all these Cuban-collar shirts.

Prada shirt

Another icon: the bucket hat

Prada’s old logo-print was a no-go at a certain point and suddenly it did disappear from many radars. We guess because of the overexposure and the wrong people wearing the wrong pieces out of the collection. However, now that they have rebuilt their image, it’s time to give the red logo another chance. Which also gives us the opportunity to discover archival pieces, like this iconic bucket hat.


The bags

This season and the next one is clearly Prada-time and it is a fact. By the looks and the functionality of their bags, the Italian label will stay in rotation for a long long time from now. If you’re thinking of investing in a good bag, Prada is definitely a very good option.

The Cloudbust sneakers

We’re not totally convinced by Prada’s Cloudbust sneakers, but it seemed the guys in London were. In our opinion, this is the kind of item you buy when you’re a die-hard advocate of a brand. Buying running shoes of that price is kind of over the top if you’d ask us.

Photo credits: Grailed, Ben Awin, Hypebeast


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