Maxim Meyer-Horn

14 Jun

Premiere: Belgian Pop Duo Promis3 Releases Promising Debut EP

When two creative people meet, you can be sure that it results in something special. Promis3 is a good example of that. Brent Dielen and Andras Vleminkx met at a party and immediately felt a connection, which now evolved into an ambitious pop-project that is ready to set the world on fire. Their first single “Losing Our Connection” has been stuck in our mind ever since the release and we’re extremely happy that we’re finally able to hear more songs of one of this promising pop act.


We were overwhelmed by the captivating music video of their debut song “Losing Our Connection” and to be honest… we’re still not over it. Luckily, the duo released their first EP today. Like Trying To Land on a Cloud is dreamy, powerful and colorful and is exactly down our alley. Even the artwork, made by Brent Dielen himself, screams pop-perfectionism…

Bops, bops and more bops.

Describing Promis3’s sound is not easy as they get their inspiration from many genres, but bright, symphonic electro pop might be a good description. “Chasing Waterfalls” is, for example, a real dance anthem that might become an eclectic festival anthem that gets everyone on their feet. “ICONS” is a bit more down tempo and R&B-orientated, but has the same freshness that makes their music so special and modern. The aura of the songs is timeless and so captivating that you loose sense of time and space.

Ending the EP with a ballad is a real bold choice, but when the song is so angelic as “Angels”, there’s nobody who will complain about that. Effortless, elegant and emotional. The last song of the EP has it all and certainly knows how to impress us.

That said, Trying To Land on a Cloud is an addictive debut that will definitely put Brent and Andras’ project on the map. The creativity behind the songs and the whole concept is inspiring and makes us believe that Promis3 can be the next big thing in pop. From start to end, everything about their songs is perfect and that’s something that doesn’t happen a lot. Congrats on a pop masterpiece!

You can find Like Trying To Land On A Cloud on all platforms.

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