Maxim Meyer-Horn

21 Apr

Premiere: Earl Elliot Overcomes His Doubts in ‘Training for a Marathon’

At the age of seventeen, the Antwerp-born Quinten De Pauw also known as Earl Elliot packed his suitcase and moved to Amsterdam. His time in the Dutch city inspired him on a personal level but also left an imprint on his sound and songwriting. For his latest track “Training for a Marathon”, Earl Elliot gathered some creatives to visualize the story of the song, and we’re excited to exclusively premiere the music video he’s been working on for a long time.

Earl’s songs always tell a coming-of-age story where he expresses how he copes with love and loss, and that’s also the case with “Training for a Marathon”. The song is about all the anxieties and doubts he has in life, the future, and trying to make art that resonates with others.

Fall and rise

The music video of “Training for a Marathon” indicates that you always need to rise after falling by playing with different metaphors. We see Earl run through different phases from trying to failing and not giving up. His coach, played by Belgian actor Stefaan Degand, is always by his side and urges Earl to push his boundaries, even when it’s impossible. Together with director Danny Griffioen, the upcoming artist manages to tell a compelling story that really comes to life thanks to beautiful shots and the use of color.

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