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15 Oct

Premiere: Elodie Gervaise Shares The Beautiful Video for “Urgence”

The Paris-based singer Elodie Gervaise took our heart by storm last month when she released her brilliant track “IMYG”, which is still in heavy rotation since then. Her brand new EP ‘Syzygy‘ saw the light of day today and to celebrate this important release, we get the opportunity to exclusively premiere the music video for her new single “Urgence” with a little interview.

We described your previous single “IMYG” as an extremely hypnotizing and enchanting electro-pop song. How would you describe the song?

Thank you! To me this track is an invitation to slip out of reality and fall into the joy that can only be experienced on a steamy dance floor. The physical release that allows you to be free and unlock things that you don’t need to hold onto emotionally.

The songs tempo changed a few times during the creation phase, my producer Maria Korkeila and I tested three different speeds and ended up choosing the beat we thought would allow us all to properly unleash and also just have a much needed laugh. It’s a light track conceptually and one intended simply to enjoy.

You’ve been part of several bands before launching yourself as a solo act. In what way does that experience help you now?

The moments shared with my past bands led me to fall deeply in love with the world of music and playing live. It was all pretty new to me when I discovered this expression of sound through my first band the Galaxy Girls and I then had many beautiful experiences so it turned life into a total tunnel vision towards becoming a musician.

I grow into myself more and more as an artist through the wonderful people I‘m lucky enough to play with and those that I admire. I‘ll always prefer to perform live with a full band and to share that high together.

Your new music is quite different from what you used to make. What inspired that shift?

Moving to Europe altered my musical reality pretty drastically. Coming from the small surf town of Byron Bay I was mostly surrounded by folk, punk, psych or surf rock set ups and hadn’t ever really encountered the world of synth driven sounds or much live electronic music. It was wild arriving in Europe, visiting some of the major cities and experiencing each of the sound universes they had to offer.

Syzygy came out today. How did you approach the writing of this project? Was it an easy EP to make?

I remember feeling pretty passionate the day I started writing these songs, like I had a lot to say and not enough time to say it. As a result the vocals flowed out almost as soon as I heard the instrumentals.

I was preparing for a solo show and wanted to test out singing on electronic productions so went into the studio with a friend and played around. By the end of the session I had the bones of a new set and EP and spent the next two months in lockdown polishing them so I could properly record as soon as I got out. It was a pretty fluid process. I have more lyrics, concepts and songs than I know what to do with most of the time so it feels great to be able to express them on the right sounds.

We have the honor to premiere the video of “Urgence” and its beautiful visual world. What does the music video reflect? What’s the motive of it?

When presenting this track to Adam Munnings I remember describing the idea of an extraterrestrial being that was coming down to earth to warn us of what was to come, or maybe to have dropped in to a dystopian realm of what could be, in an attempt to salvage the situation. He completely nailed it and in a really beautiful, abstract way that also captures the overall concept of connection in Syzygy.

The song and clip reflect what I think is general consensus, that we’re seeing the earth degrade in front of our eyes and find it incomprehensible that politically it doesn’t appear to be a priority.

What’s your plan for the near future?

I’m just about to head to Australia to see family and friends for the next few months, play shows on the east coast and then come back to Europe to record my next album. All the while I’m just trying to soak it in and enjoy every step of the ride as it‘s been pretty killer so far.

Syzygy is out now and includes her new single “Urgence”.
Pictures by Adam Munnings.

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