tessa dixson krankk keep going

Jade Dierckx

29 Apr

Premiere: Tessa Dixson Keeps Going In Live Performance With KRANKk

Brussels-based singer-songwriter Tessa Dixson just released her newest live video with no other than KRANKk, another Belgian gem. Last year Tessa won a new artist competition on the Belgian radio but sadly, like all of us, spend a lot of time at home after her win. After the release of her latest album “Genesis” in early 2020, we are sure that this remix sets the tone for a new start. One without covid and with extremely good music.

The song for this video is “Keep Going”, which can be found on her newest remix EP. KRANKk is a live UK garage, Grime, and Bass music project based in Antwerp, Belgium. Their blend of Grimey bass lines, Burial-inspired atmospherics, and future garage beats sound like they’ve been brewed up in a London lock-off. Really, though, they’re from Antwerp—and they’ve added a mad twist in that they play their two-step rhythms with live instrumentation.

This video feels like a true live performance and makes us realize that we miss concerts even more. But don’t worry, put on this music video, close the curtains, turn up the volume, and dance the work-from-home day away!

Pictures by Anissa Imane.

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