Maxim Meyer-Horn

17 Jun

Premiere: Tessa Dixson Magnetizes in Music Video for ‘Coming Home’

The Belgian singer Tessa Dixson has been one of the breakout stars of the Belgian pop scene and has established herself as an interesting artist. Back in March, Dixson released her highly enticing debut album ‘Genesis‘ and proved that her artistic vision can take her to the next level. “Coming Home” is the new single of the album, and we’re excited to exclusively premiere the haunting music video.

Quarantine messed up Tessa’s whole album promotion and forced her to reschedule her Genesis tour, but Tessa wouldn’t be Tessa if she wouldn’t already have new ideas to work on. Fans of the Brussels-based singer know that she loves to bring her songs to life by providing beautiful visuals, and that’s also the case for her new single “Coming Home”. Since COVID-19 made it difficult to shoot a big clip with a whole team, Tessa teamed up with some friends and got creative.

Music Video DIY

Tessa is already releasing her fifth music video so far, “Music videos are very important to me as a singer and as a visual artist. I think people can really grasp what kind of artist you are with a music video, so that’s why we try to put as much effort in our visuals as we can,” she tells us.

“The video for ‘Coming Home’ is really special because it was shot during corona. It became a DIY project. DIY-ing the video was really eye-opening for me. I realized that I don’t actually need that much of a budget or that much gear to create a good music video. So it was quite the turning point for us.”

Because Tessa had little resources and used a small budget, most of the video was shot on an iPhone. “We decided to shoot with an iPhone because the quality didn’t have to be as good as a normal camera because we wanted a night effect. When we started shooting, we noticed that the clips looked great. It was really cool to see what you could do with so little.”

A Big Contrast

If you take a look at the video clip for “Coming Home”, you might notice that there’s a contrast between colorful shots and dark shots, “The storyline was that I’m running away from something and I’m waiting to go home. We shot that part in the forest, which was very dark and mysterious. Then we have the studio shots that are beautiful and uplifting. It’s exactly what it’s supposed to be.”

Tessa has some free time now because of COVID-19, and she’s using it to her full potential. “I’m constantly learning new stuff and, because I have so much free time right now, it’s the perfect time for that. I’m just concentrating on writing and producing music right now.”

Photos by Inne Verschaete and Ella Maldonado


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