Maxim Meyer-Horn

24 Jun

Premiere: Tessa Violet and Lovelytheband Give ‘Games’ a New Edge On Punky Rework

Roses are red, violets are blue. Fan of pop music? Tessa Violet might be the one for you. This must be the most cheesy intro ever on Enfnts Terribles but don’t let it distract you from the fact that the key message of it is still essential. The sparkly pop act Tessa Violet makes music that has you hit the repeat button over and over again. Her latest banger “Games”, a collaboration with lovelytheband, got a rework by Matt Squire. To premiere the punky new version of the song, we had a little Q&A with our newest pop darling.

Hi Tessa, how are you? Where are you spending time at the moment?
I’m currently in LA! But, I also spend a lot of my weekends camping, just trying to escape the city.

“Games” came out a couple of weeks ago. How did you experience the reactions to the song?
I’ve been super stoked. People are really excited about the song, and it feels like it’s resonating—the message of it especially—which is really great.

“Games” is a collaboration with lovelytheband. How lovely was it to work with them on this track?
It was great! I love Mitchy’s voice on the song, and it’s really fun for me as a songwriter to hear the words come out of someone else’s mouth.

You’re releasing a remake by Matt Squire. What new aspects did you want to add to the song with the remake?
I went to a PUP show before the pandemic, and it was just so good. Their album Morbid Stuff was my favorite album of 2019. I feel like it opened my eyes to that style of music, and made me wonder if I wanted to make punk music myself. So, with “Games” it was kind of like, “Whoa this one might work as a punk song.” I hope it takes off because I’d love to perform it live!

I’ve heard you’ve been busy in the studio the last few months. Is a bigger project shaping up yet?
Yes, I’m working on writing my next project! It’s still revealing itself to me, but I’m super excited for the new songs.

How’s the rest of the summer/year going to look like for you?
I’m going to take some time to write and be creative and turn inward! I can’t wait for everyone to see what’s to come.

Photo credits: Sarah Pardini

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