Quitting Instagram is the new black


Quitting Instagram is the new black

While people are still joining every day, some apparently have had it with Instagram. Justin Bieber quit the social media network in August after another fight with his ex Selena Gomez. This weekend also Kendall Jenner deleted her account. Kim Kardashian hasn’t posted anything since the paris robbery and also Selena Gomez isn’t what we call active because of a burnout. So we wondered… is this a precursor to the fall of Instagram?


It all started as an “innocent” social media network in 2010 where people shared pictures out of their daily lives. In the beginning, most users didn’t even realize that photos were actually shared. They just used it because of the filters. But very soon more and more people started creating an account and some smart asses saw an interesting opportunity to make money. Day after the day the network turned more into big business. “Regular” people like us see it as a tool to become famous, celebs use it to become more famous.

The people vs Instagram

In 2016, the society expects that you have an Instagram account. The more followers you have, the more you are somebody. Even for celebs such as Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner it was somehow a must. Bieber could use it to promote his music and Kendall to push her modeling career. This might not be entirely the case when your family name is Jenner. But for other models it has become essential to be popular on Instagram. Otherwise there’s a rather large chance that they don’t get the job.

Slowly but surely the network started having a huge impact on our world. What was all about liking in the beginning turned into a bunch of nasty comments. We don’t know if you ever had a look at the comments underneath the posts of celebs such as the Kardashians… It’s definitely not something you would want to read. For some people they should abolish the freedom of speech, that’s for sure.

Quitting Instagram is the new black


Celebs such as Bieber and Kendall are followed by paparazzi on a daily basis. It comes with the job but this doesn’t mean you always have to be happy about it. Can you even imagine to be followed all the time? Besides that there are the fans who don’t just appreciate an idol for what they do but consider the actor / singer / … as public property. It can be cute but most of the time it’s just creepy. Than they have to cope with made-up stories about themselves all the time because it’s good for the click rates and sales. And on top celebs need to promote themselves and be showered with all those comments. Not for nothing that they call it a quit. We would probably have done exactly the same.

Thank god that generally it’s a well-paid job!

Cause for careful consideration

We’re not becoming the patron saint for celeb protection. We just like to put things in a larger perspective. In this case that would be: stop being so negative all the time. Is it really necessary to share your depressed thoughts on everything you see online? Freedom of speech is a right but you might consider to use it in a positive way.

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Quitting Instagram

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