10 Feb

Raf Simons makes Calvin Klein great again

If you asked us a month ago “If there’s just one show you can watch during fashion weeks, which one would it be?” We’d have unqualified answered Calvin Klein. Raf Simons inspires beyond measure. He’s not a trend hopper but someone who stays true to his own style. And honestly, most of the actual hypes must just bring up a “been there, done that” feeling for the Belgian designer.


When the news was out there that Raf Simons would team up with Calvin Klein, we were very excited. Because honestly, the American label made a comeback. But it was only based on a successful relaunch of the iconic pieces. Their latest collections weren’t exactly something we’d really want to write home about. We can even hardly remember what we saw during their latest runway shows. With all due respect for Francisco Costa but Calvin Klein needed a designer like Raf to take the brand to the next level.

Then there remained only one question: how will Raf Simons translate his creative ideas into a CK collection? We just watched the show and the only thing we can say is: he did it again!

Calvin Klein FW2017

His first Calvin Klein collection was one big dreamy homage to the USA. Raf Simons managed to mix modern looking silhouettes with American heritage flawlessly. During the runway show, we moved from a minimal western movie to a gentlemen’s club, to a factory, to Singin’ in the Rain. We saw cowboy boots, shirts buttoned all the way up, coats wrapped in plastic and modern leather pilot jackets combined with frivolous dresses. In general, American culture isn’t exactly what we’d like to call refined. It’s rather grotesque and in your face. But Raf Simons translated the most commercial and superficial characteristics of this country into a sublime, minimal and magical collection.


Responsible for decorating the runway was an artist and good friend of Raf Simons, Sterling Ruby. He made the runway look like high school prom, the morning after. With streamers, watering cans and towels hanging on the walls and the ceiling. It was the perfect setting for a perfect show.

In the meanwhile, we tried to make a list of our favorite looks but it’s just an impossible task. Have a look at the collection yourself and you will see what we mean.

Photo credits: Vogue Runway



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