25 Jul

Reebok Classic Brings Back the 1993 Aztrek Sneaker

When we hear “’90s revival” we kind of want to puke. The ’90s trend has taken the world by storm and we’re (almost) over it, but once in a while, there’s an interesting comeback of a ’90s item. The iconic Reebok Aztrek sneaker might just be one of the latter.

Reebok Classic is celebrating the decade of the Spice Girls by bringing back two silhouettes. First up: Aztrek, a sneaker that was originally released in 1993. The Aztrek was developed as a rugged and versatile running shoe for a variety of running styles across various environments. ​The new Aztrek silhouette brings ‘90s subculture to life in a contemporary context.

Short film ‘Take a Different Path’

The short film — made for the re-release — unravels moments that were born in the ’90s but live on today. It stars Anais Gallagher, Oneman and Portia Ferrari amongst others and was styled by Wavey Garms.

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Photo credits: Reebok Classic


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