How to remain calm in an overexposed society


How to remain calm in an overexposed society

Compared to our ancestors we live a rather easy life. No need for hunting because food is in the fridge, the only thing we have to take into account is making it on time to the supermarket. Medicines have improved, equal rights became a thing, the internet was invented and so on. However, we got new symptoms to cope with like stress and burnouts. Many of us seem to find it hard to remain calm in this ever-changing society.

World wide web

The internet must have been one of the world-changing inventions of the past century. All of a sudden we were forced to leave our little bubble and to have a look at the wide world. From knowing barely nothing we opened ourselves up to loads and loads of information. Every single second of the day we’re reading e-mails, browsing, on social media, having Whatsapp conversations and so on. We most certainly don’t work harder than our ancestors. There’s just lots more we have to cope with.

The limitations of mankind

Compared to other living species, people are needy creatures. We always want to have more, know more and be more. But there’s just a certain amount of everything we can handle and we don’t realize it. Secretly we all believe we’re some kind of super mutant that can both read minds and heal itself. But we’ll have to disappoint you, besides in Marvel stories that mutant doesn’t exist.

The fear of missing out

Another downside of the internet and social media isn’t that we get loads of information from abroad. We’re also constantly aware of what everyone in our inner circle is doing. Friends going to festivals, family being on holiday, other friends having drinks at the seaside or whatever it is that human beings do. All these perfect moments are photographed and end up with a nice little filter, accompanied by a oneliner on social media. Since not everyone is enjoying spare time at the exact same moment it seems like everyone is constantly having fun and you’re just boring. To compensate this feeling you will go out more because seriously, who wants to miss out on all that joy life has to offer? But guess what… life isn’t always about amusement. And amusement isn’t always about the large things in life.

How to remain calm in an overexposed society

How to remain calm in this overexposed society?

When you feel exhausted and even the tiniest little message from a friend is too much to handle you can be sure you went too far. Arriving at this point means you needed to have intervened way sooner. Since we all went there and came back, we gathered some of our important tips you can apply in your daily lives.

1. It’s a classic one but don’t sleep less than 8 hours a night on a regular base. You can do 5 or 6 for a while but in the end it won’t make you a more pleasant person.

2. Make a clear to do list and do one thing at a time. While working you don’t have to be chatting on Facebook and checking out Instagram. It will only slow down what you’re doing and at the end of the day it feels like you’ve done absolutely nothing.

3. Make sure that you’re not watching at a screen at least 2 hours a day (of course while you’re not sleeping). Walk, eat, read, talk, it doesn’t matter what you do. Just don’t include a TV, computer or phone.

4. Never forget we’re still living on a planet with loads of nature (the part we haven’t destroyed) and other living creatures. Go for a walk in the woods with your dog once in a while, being disconnected can only have positive effects on you as a person.

5. If you really have a hard time finding inner piece, go and have a meditation class. Or go on a yoga holiday abroad. We tried both and you can’t imagine how much we enjoyed discovering that piece of silence within ourselves.

Photo credits: Kwanho Shin, Behance

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