21 Feb

This Is Why We’re Feeling Remy Ma Even After Her Long Hiatus

New artists are popping up at lightning speed now more than ever. So it really isn’t the right time to be taking a musical hiatus. However, this rule doesn’t seem to apply to hip-hop’s greatest musicians. Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kanye and more have done it. Apparently, Remy Ma too can be added to the list.

She has an authentic voice people want to hear more from. Even after spending 6 years in prison, the New York-based rapper earned back her spot in the rap game. You might know Remy from the club banger ‘All The Way Up‘, featuring Fat Joe. Nonetheless, her new song is what we live for these days. Also, we’re totally feeling Remy’s current vibe and what she stands for as a woman. Here’s why you need to keep an eye on Remy Ma.

Empowering young girls

In honor of Black History Month, Remy Ma shed a light on young brown girls from New York. Asking them what melanin magic means to them. We were very touched to see how the rapper used her influence to give young ladies a platform where they can be heard. However, this time around we truly hope it’ll help more people to have a better understanding of what Black History Month means to people of color in general. So that we can stop hearing the lousy argument stating that there shouldn’t be a Black History Month because no one ever celebrated White History Month. Just remember that black love isn’t white hate.

Remy Ma wears Junjie Yang

Photo credits: YouTube, Vogue Runway

Melanin Magic

Remy Ma recently released a new music video for Melanin Magic feat. Chris Brown and it’s a gem. The song is an anthem for every girl on this planet who has an amount of melanin in her skin. For starters, the video begins with Remy’s face covered with pearls all while wearing a striking Karen Sabag gown. Watch her mesmerizing video!

Remy Ma wearing Antwerp label Junjie Yang

Junjie Yang is a student at the Antwerp fashion academy who showed his collection at the school’s Show 2017. Shortly thereafter, followed his appearance on the VFiles Spring 2018 ready-to-wear runway. When Remy Ma pulled up at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors with an orange puffer jacket designed by Junjie Yang, the Internet had a lot to say. We read the good and the bad but we didn’t really care. Because supporting new young talent is something we strongly believe in. So when we saw Gucci Mane and Rihanna wearing Junjie’s clothing, it made us proud to be from little Antwerp.


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