17 Jul

Summer Accessorizing: These 3 Retro Style Colored Lens Sunglasses Are Trending Now

It may seem hard to believe but this summer the street style guys have one thing in common: they’re all wearing retro style colored lens sunglasses. Obviously, we’re planning on wearing these stunner shades to complete our next festival look. However, our favorite boys from Paris and London are ahead of their game and they’re proving the world this timeless essential suits practically every look. Hey, it’s not for nothing Johnny Depp stayed true to them. So now it’s time you invested in a good pair. Here are our favorite colored lens sunglasses in all forms.

Mini shades for a big personality

Whoever stated the bigger the sunglasses, the better might have lied to you. While discovering the mini shades trend, we realized that rule doesn’t apply to everyone on earth. You don’t necessarily need to cover up your eyes with huge sunglasses, sometimes you just got to let your big personality do the work.

The Aviator

In general, the street style guys use sunglasses to complete their outfit of the day. Another rather crucial reason for the use of this sleek accessory is to protect yourself against UV radiation. But let’s say that’s just a small detail. Because the way Alex Badia is effortlessly rocking his aviator glasses seems like they were never developed for pilots in the first place.

Round we go

Remember when Acne Studios dropped their version of the round frame sunglasses? It instantly became such an enormous hype and the high-street shops picked up on it very fast. So, it’s kind of funny seeing all the replicas in other stores. You can find them almost everywhere. However, they still look super funky.

Photo credits: Vogue, Pause Online


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