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17 Oct

Review: Astrid S – Party’s Over World Tour

Norwegian singer-songwriter Astrid S is very happy to be on tour. “This is my first time touring as a headline through Europe, and this is my FIRST WORLD TOUR!” she shouted at the cheering crowd. Every teenager in the venue in Brussels was as happy as the blonde Scandinavian beauty was, and as far as I could see so were their parents.

The S Stands for Stunning Support Act (Tayá)

Before Astrid entered the stage, it was Tayá’s turn. To be completely honest: I’m in love. This 19 year old girl from Liverpool has everything: the looks, the voice, the style, the moves, the humor. Even her juicy Scouse accent was absolutely adorable.

Tayá has been making music since she was 13, incredible right? But I bet she didn’t make the same music back then, because I can’t describe her deep RnB better than “sex music”. The sound and her voice are sizzzzzling hot. (I told you, I’m in love, can’t help it.)

The S Stands for Sparkly

Astrid S started her set with Bloodstream, a mesmerizing uptempo song, followed by Jump. Now, Jump is already a great song in the studio version, but live it absolutely exploded. Every time right after she said “Jump”, an extreme drop followed. The fans dug the deep bass lines and even the dads of the youngest fans couldn’t help themselves from dancing. After that came Hyde, which kept the party going. Astrid’s buzzing on-stage enthusiasm is clearly contagious.

The S Stands for Soft

The newest single of Astrid S, Think Before I Talk, is different than all her other songs. It’s way more soft and poppy and it lacks the deep bass. Personally, I like it less than what I’m used to hearing from her, but the rest of the crowd sang along so loudly that I couldn’t even hear myself thinking. So it can’t be that bad, I guess.

Either way, the 3 songs that came after that made up for it. Does She Know is also a softer song, but it still has that bass-y vibe going on. Just like Such a Boy, which she introduced as her only song that has a political meaning to it. She hates how “Don’t be such a girl” is a common thing, because boys can be just as weak.

But the song that showed off her delicate voice the best was definitely Mexico. The lyrics are so simple yet so beautiful. The phrase “I fire words like bullets” really got me. The song is currently still unreleased, but luckily you can find some live versions online.

The S Stands for Sympathetic

Up next were Party’s Over, Breathe and – my ultimate favorite song of hers – Atic. She thanked the crowd, told them they were the smallest but loudest so far, and left the stage. But the fans knew what was going on, she still hadn’t sung her hit Hurts So Good. They screamed “We want more!” and there she appeared again. An old and cliché trick, but it works, because the crowd was going wild.

But before making everyone bop for the very last time, she sang a slow version of Paper Thin. Goosebumps went all over my body. Astrid S truly is so pure and sweet. She also made the latter very clear by the talks she did in between the songs, she is very humble and thankful. When she told the crowd how amazed she was that the show of that evening was sold out, a fan screamed “You did THAT!”. Her answer was “No, YOU did that!”.

The S Stands for Superstar

Mark my words: Astrid S is gonna be a big star very soon. She’ll be selling out shows in the biggest venues before we know!

Photo Credits: Universal Music Norway


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