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24 Mar

Review: Caudalie’s new VineActiv glow boosters

We once read that when you’re young, you want to look older. And when you passed a certain age, all you wish is to remain younger, longer. Well… some of us have been through these stages and we can only confirm that it’s true. At the age of 14 we wore so much make-up that people spontaneously guessed we were of legal age. Now, the tons of eye shadow and different shades of mascara have been replaced by descent anti-aging products.

French brand Caudalie, known for its natural products, has just launched its VineActiv range. Made especially to prevent the first effects of aging and a bad lifestyle. You know, we live in a city, drink too much coffee (due to the overload of cosy coffee bars) and we never have enough sleep. Not even mentioning our terrible eating habits. The one thing we can do is being extra kind for our skin.

So we put the latest member of the Caudalie family to the test and made a review about our experience with the VineActiv range.


When “for all skin types” is mentioned on the package, we’re always a bit on our guard. So at first we applied the night booster, serum and moisturizer with hesitation. Luckily the texture wasn’t greasy at all and everything was easily absorbed. Definitely when you have a bit of an oily skin, this is important to know. Before you end up like a shining bowling ball full of pimples again.

Caudalie Vine Activ glow booster


We started with the overnight detox oil and eye cream which we applied on a perfectly cleaned skin before going to bed. During our first encounter with the mirror in the morning, we noticed that we looked less puffy than usual. Still 50 shades of white tho but that’s not Caudalie’s problem.

Our new morning routine took off with the serum, moisturizer and again the eye cream. Definitely the serum promises to boost your glow and indeed it does. You don’t have to expect miracles but there’s a perceptible difference. And at the end of the day, your skin still looks smooth.


Caudalie is known for its 100% natural ingredients, which we like (very much). Also in the VineActiv range there are no parabens, ingredients of animal origin, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol and so on… You can have a closer look at the full ingredient list on the Caudalie website.


Caudalie Vine active

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