18 Sep 2019

What We Remember from London Fashion Week SS20 Ready-to-Wear

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 ready-to-wear was short but interesting. To be honest, we low-key skipped London in our fashion week reviews. However, we couldn’t let this one slide. Whether the collection is bad and a mess or good and exciting, we remain honest and give constructive criticism. Which still can be harsh for some. Anyways, from Richard Quinn, Victoria Beckham to Molly Goddard here’s what we remember from London Fashion Week SS20 ready-to-wear.

Richard Quinn

One of our favorite London designers is Richard Quinn because he excites us every time. Known for closing LFW with a bang, meaning a strong collection, what we remember from his SS20 collection is the silky yellow gown with a huge flower on it. Being one of the only unicolor pieces, Richard Quinn’s SS runway was filled with voluminous, couture-like and latex-mixed looks combined with Quinn’s floral prints.

Richard Quinn succeeded every step of the way in keeping things interesting during his show. Although we must say, sometimes the prints become too much.

London Fashion Week SS20 Ready-to-Wear

Molly Godard

Most of the people we talk to have the utmost respect for Molly Goddard and her romantic style is recognizable from a mile away. Goddard’s light layered tulles are her signature. However, her SS20 ready-to-wear collection at London Fashion Week proved that she’s not only about the tulle.

What really stuck was, of course, the voluminous tulle dress but also a black non-tulle dress styled with blue boots. A very interesting choice she made there and we appreciate it.

Molly Goddard London Fashion Week SS20 Ready-to-Wear


With this SS20 ready-to-wear collection, Ricardo Tisci showed more of himself and we weren’t necessarily blown away by it. We feel like a lot of silhouettes weren’t on point as we know Burberry to be. Take the Burberry printed foulard shirts with fringes or the sweatsuits with sometimes lace details or the diamond embellished blazers. All of this won’t bring Burberry back. They even had Vittoria Ceretti wear some kind of oversized polo-dress, which can be interesting. Thank you Vittoria Ceretti for making a very boring look a lot more interesting.

On top of that, we spotted a few Kim Jones-like silhouettes here and there. Also, Burberry missed the opportunity to make this hijab-moment a great one. Unfortunately, the styling was too flat. Then again, their tailoring on the blazers, suits and skirts is what really stood out.

Burberry London Fashion Week SS20 Ready-to-Wear

Victoria Beckham

Secretly we still think of Victoria Beckham as the Posh Spice. In our defense, it’s also because her line is posh. What Victoria did for her SS20 collection was what Burberry should’ve done. She gave us very put together, very accessible, effortless elegance, female empowerment, sexy attire, ’70s retro vibes and more. Which is what we look for when browsing for Victoria Beckham clothes online.

What we remember from this collection is almost every colorful gown and retro ensemble with the big pointy collars on the shirt. We live for this VB aesthetic and were delighted to see her hubby and kids again

Victoria Beckham London Fashion Week SS20 Ready-to-Wear

Eco-Sexual by Christopher Kane

One of the starting points of this collection called Eco-Sexual was an image taken at their local park, London Fields. We love how the full floral print has become this all-around print you can wear how you want. Thank you London Fashion Week for this epic fashion moments. Yet, we still have to discuss styling possibilities. Christopher Kane and his sister Tammy created silhouettes that include silk skirts, pants and tulle-layered dresses. Although, what left us impressed from Christopher Kane’s new collection were the black Galaxy print dresses.

Christopher Kane London Fashion Week SS20 Ready-to-Wear

JW Anderson

JW Anderson sent most his models on the runway wearing drapey asymmetric dresses made elegant with crystal jewelry. Which gave the models this semi-goddess feel. At first, it seemed odd but after analyzing the accessories and exploring its styling possibilities, we must applaud Jonathan William Anderson for creating something we thought we wouldn’t need.

What we remember from JW Anderson’s SS20 ready-to-wear collection at London Fashion Week are his rope strapped bras, chunky belts and necklace in crystal. We still need to figure out what we think about the garments in general.

EDIT: we figured it out, it’s beautiful.

JW Anderson London Fashion Week SS20 Ready-to-Wear


For SS20, Erdem Moralioglu drew his inspiration from the multi-episodic life of Italian-born actress, photographer and communist Tina Modotti, whom Erdem himself describes as “a romantic and revolutionary, a woman of principle. Each outfit was like a postcard from a part of her life.”

What they both have in common is the fact that they both believe in their cause and fight for their vision. Influences of Modotti are to be found in Erdem’s amplified and exaggerated shapes. Think over the top blouses, embroideries, fringed scarfs and more. This SS20 collection was, as every Erdem collection, traditional. However, it was very intriguing to look at.

What we remember from this SS20 show are the elegantly embellished blazers. That’s something we’re willing to explore in the future.

Erdem London Fashion Week SS20 Ready-to-Wear


Michael Halpern’s SS20 ready-to-wear show at London Fashion Week was an ode to everything Barbra Streisand wore in the ’70s and ’80s. Furthermore, the show was held in a ballroom in Westminster. A larger-than-life chandelier hung above the catwalk, which partly set the mood, so Halpern sent an army of models dressed in magnificent gowns. If we could describe the collection we’d say, vintage glamour party.

On Halpern’s runway, we saw glitter trains, sequin cocktail dresses, capes, big gowns, flare pantsuits and so much more greatness. If you’re an outspoken flamboyant person this glamorous collection is going to speak to you.

What we remember from this show is this cute little party dress with a printed coat. Which we would definitely wear to some lavish Fashion Week after-party.

Halpern London Fashion Week SS20 Ready-to-Wear

Simone Rocha

Just like Erdem, we were catapulted to another era in time. This SS20 ready-to-wear collection was inspired by Celtic and Irish folklore. It was beautiful! We were mesmerized by the cute tulle ruffled dresses.

There’s one thing we remembered from this show, and that was model Kiki Willems in a see-through gown with a pile of hay over it. The other garments may have been stunning, however, if we don’t get rid of this image it will stay in our minds forever.

Simone Rocha London Fashion Week SS20 Ready-to-Wear

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Photo credits: Vogue Runway

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