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12 Apr

Review: Sonos One, a Small Device with a Great Sound

A while ago we pimped our HQ with Sonos One, a multi-room wireless speaker that’s one of the best on the market. At least if we have to believe all the good reviews we read online. We were looking for a device that could both provide us with relaxing background music and the heavier stuff. On top of that a reasonable price was also an important requirement. After going through all the pros and cons, we unanimously agreed that Sonos One was our best option.

The look and feel of Sonos One is quite similar to its predecessor PLAY: 1 which was launched in 2013. Apart from the top, both devices look identical. What we like about the design is that it keeps things simple. You can put it anywhere you want and it’ll fit your interior, unless you have a really bad taste. The Sonos One is available in black and white.


If there’s one characteristic none of us possesses, it must be patience. On most occasions we just throw away the manual if things get too complicated. It’s a good thing then that the Sonos One setup is a piece of cake. Just make sure there’s wi-fi, download the app and follow the instructions. It requires you doing some uncommon movements across the room for tuning so schedule it before or after a first date. Our device was up and playing after ten minutes and if we can do it, you can do it too!

Music player

From all the music players we had, Sonos One is by far our number one. It combines all your music services and libraries, which is extremely practical. Also, everyone with the app and on the same network can control the music.

Voice assistant

Sonos One has Amazon’s Alexa built into it which makes it possible to ask your speaker a lot of other practical things besides just playing music. It’s basically a virtual personal assistant, helping you with the weather, the news and loads of other stuff.

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