revival of the gloss


1 Sep

Revival of the gloss

Just like the fashion world, the beauty community is always evolving. Creating trends, adapting to them, exploiting some and destroying others, in a never ending circle of what is ‘in’ and what is not. For the last year, everyone on Beauty Beach has been obsessed with mattes: matte foundations, matte eye looks, and especially: matte (liquid) lipsticks. But not anymore! Move over matte, it’s the revival of the gloss!

All Matte Everything

Things started off quietly with a couple of mostly USA based brands bringing out (matte) liquid lipsticks. But before one could say “beauty blogger”, the market got flooded with matte lips, creating a craze like never before. Suddenly, celebs like Kylie Jenner – aka the goddess of lips – rocked nothing else but full on matte mouths. Of course, that inspired the rest of the world to do the same and, at the same time, banishing the glossy lip to the very back of the beauty counter.

For about a good year, the matte look was unmistakingly King of the Beauty Jungle. However, slowly but surely, things started shifting. We spotted the new kid in town in editorials first. Usually, that is the place for make-up artists to experiment, and this time was no different. But, who is this new kid in town?

Revival of the gloss
Revival of the gloss

A Glossy Comeback

Well, calling it the new kid isn’t really the right term. It’s more like an old familiar aunt, claiming back her rightful spot. That’s right, gloss is back, and it’s shinier and better than ever! Things are starting out easy, with a transition to metallic liquid lipsticks. Shiny lips that don’t feel tacky and feel matte? It seems like the ideal combo. Here at Enfnts Terribles, though, we’re all about the real deal: gloss. If the first thing you think about when you hear the word ‘gloss’ is a sticky mess, think again. Gloss has had an update, often giving it more benefits, like plumping (hello, Dior Lip Maximizer)or taking care of your lips. Also, formula’s have been upgraded, giving them less of a sticky feel.

The Wetter, the Better

The difference in Gloss 2.0 isn’t only in the formula, it’s also in the way we wear it. In the past, gloss was reserved for the lips only. Now, our whole face is getting dipped into the shiny goodness. Wet-looking eyelids or glistening cheeks, the possibilities are endless! From a more wearable glossy finish to that ultimate mermaid-glam, you are free to experiment and do as you please, as long as it’s as glossy as can be! For some inspiration, check out our selection of looks!

Photo credits: Vogue ES, Jamie Nelson

Revival of the gloss

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