30 Jan

The Image of a (R)Evolution for the Climate

Inspired by the current worldwide movements against climate change, Brussels-based photographer Robin Joris Dullers created an image that represents the revolution that is needed to help save the world.

Every Thursday, thousands of Belgian students are skipping class to protest against climate change. They started with just 3.000 students. The next week there were 12.500 students. The week after that, they were with 35.000. And the Sunday after that, the biggest climate march ever, with over 70.000 people was held in Brussels. This isn’t just happening in Belgium. Countries like Germany, Sweden, Finland and more are doing climate marches as well.


This is for you. For everyone that fights. Fights for their dreams and for the future. The greater cause. The Industrial Revolution has passed us, the Digital Revolution is at its maximum. So, let’s create a new one; a (r)evolution. 

This is an ongoing series of images that predict the upcoming revolution that is needed to save our world, our children, our loved ones. It is time. Now. Stand up and let your voices be heard before it’s too late. Tears are falling down and loved ones are shot. Don’t be silent. Make a difference.

– Robin Joris Dullers

Head of Direction and photography by Robin Joris Dullers
Styling and art direction by Nina Dancet and Enfnts Terribles
Lights by Vincent Van Den Dries
Analog shooting by Naninca Lemmens
Retouche by Maarten De Laet
Video by Rutger Claes
Head of makeup: Ana Japson, assisted by Evara Collin, Eveline Tar and Pouchka Duval Wille

Models: Klaudia Matwiej (lead), Fleur Timmerman, Parel Coone, Axel Wuestenberghs, Bartek Poltorzycki, Arno Van Hout, Lander Marstboom, Luca Mastroianni, Niels Boone, Pieter Annaert, Quinten Dierckx, Thibaud Hendrikx, Millow Lapirale, Kevin Deprins

Voice overs by Agim Berisha, Iqbal Suryana, Macha Kokoeva, Leon Schaller, Kevin Deprins, Julienostini, Loud Milla, Ana Japson and Bartek Poltorzycki

Special thanks to Turbulence, StudioLijn6, Dries Vriesacker, Jonathan S. Zegbe, Christa Dullers, friends and family

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